Poppin’ Jams Then and Now

Reviews of the top-selling albums of 1988 and 2018

Marlee Franklin and Josh Smith

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The Greatest Showman is the top selling album of 2018 so far.

This award-winning movie, released earlier this year, is an original musical. The songs tell the story of the first circus, and how a “nobody” came to create a worldwide sensation.

Throughout the album, the idea of lasting endeavors and success is reflected as both dramatic and uplifting tones can be heard. The tone shifts based on what’s happening in the plot; for example, the music and the voices will slow down or get faster based on the mood of the scene.

The flow of the music tells a story, which is what makes it different than any other album.

The soundtrack allows listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the struggle of following your career path. 

This album is great for those who listen to pop music. Each song delivers a direct message saying never give up and follow your dreams, so listen closely to get some inspiration!



The year Horizon opened its doors–1988–the top selling album of 1988, Faith by George Michael, was released. Faith is a groovy, hit-filled, great time filled with amazing songs.

The album features songs such as, “Father Figure,” “Monkey,” and the single that topped charts worldwide and even influenced the name of the album, “Faith.”

Faith was also Michaels’ solo debut album. It showcases his musical ability beautifully. It includes everything from intoxicating beats that you can’t help but nod your head to, to his calm yet passionate and storytelling vocals.

This remarkable piece of music marked a turning point in Michael’s career after a separation from Wham!. For those who don’t know who that is, Wham! was the iconic musical duo of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley.

Michael said multiple times that he ‘wasn’t sure if he wanted to return to music’ after his separation from Ridgeley, but thankfully he did.

Faith became an instant cult classic and showed that Michael could shine without someone else beside him. Faith also has a somewhat serious undertone as well, with Michael speaking out about his sexuality and ex-lovers.

Even though Michael tackles some serious topics, he stays away from getting too serious by keeping an overarching fun and playful vibe throughout the album.

Overall, Faith is an incredible, timeless album that shows off all of Michael’s greatest skills– from storytelling within his lyrics, to an infectious sound you can’t help but love. It is an incredibly fitting piece to remember the legendary Michael by– and because of albums like this, his legacy will live on.