Why is it hot … in September?

Unseasonably Warm Weather in Colorado

Why is it hot ... in September?

Kiley Haberstroh

Colorado is known to have an unusual weather schedule, however, this 2019 has been hotter and drier than normal. The average temperature in summer of 2019 was 90 degrees, while in 2018, the average temperature was 84 degrees. The temperatures of July this year have gotten up to 104 degrees which feels more like Arizona weather than calm Colorado. 

In the article, Summer is Here! it says, “Temperatures should start tilting warmer in July and lasts through August and into September,” said Logan Johnson, meteorologist. The western half of the country has faced the heat this year, with hotter-than-normal summer temperatures. 

The hot weather has been very dangerous for Colorado’s inhabitants; it’s led to many people passing out, heatstroke, and dehydration. In July 2019, a 16 year old girl was so severely sunburned that her body started to form blisters that stuck out of her back. 

Since Summer has been so hot, it is confirmed that Colorado will have a warm September. A representative from 9News stated,  “The result: A monthly average of 69.1 degrees. If that temperature was to verify, it would be the second warmest September in Denver’s history.” 

But it’s only a few more months until Winter! Colorado is set to have an El Niño Winter, which means it will be colder than usual in winter.However, the snowfall won’t start until late December. 

So enjoy the heat while it lasts, Hawks. It’s about to get cold!