Tornado Alert Around the US


Savannah Birch



Have you ever seen a tornado? These horrendous tornadoes take over everything in their way. 32 people died from the tornadoes that blasted from Arkansas to Delaware. 



A tornado that hit the Little Rock area sent at least 50 people to hospitals. The tornado was a high-end EF3 twister with wind speeds of 165 mph and a path as long as 25 miles. 


Tornado outbreaks stretched throughout Mississippi to Alabama. In the lower Mississippi River Valley, there was an EF4 tornado with 170 mph winds.  


At least 5 tornadoes were reported in Tennessee. The Weather Service confirmed that the tornado was an EF3 tornado at Alabama, Tennessee stateline.  


3 people were killed on a Friday due to the storm that damaged many homes. On March 31, 2023, at 11:20 pm EDT, there was an EF-1 tornado with 110 mph winds. 


There have been over 23 tornadoes reported in the state of Alabama in 2023. In early January, an EF2 tornado was reported with 130 mph winds. 


At least 22 tornadoes were reported in Illinois. On April 4, 2023, a long-track EF3  tornado and large hail event occurred with 110 mph winds.  


Texas has seen at least 23 tornadoes in 2023. The Dallas, Texas tornado which was an EF5 multiple vortex which also affected the Fort Worth area. In Parker County, Texas, there were two EF-1 twisters. 


At least 8 tornadoes were reported in Iowa. On April 4, 2023, there was an EF-1 tornado with 110 mph winds. 


There have been so many tornadoes throughout the USA and the tragedy has been caused to the states.