No Longer Things of the Past

Old-fashioned trends are finally back.

Jaden Marolt, Culture and Relations Team Member

In recent years, fashion trends from the past have been resurfacing. Most of the trends that have come back originally became popular in the 1980’s.

The cute and easy hair accessory most known by the name of scrunchie is currently a huge craze and can be found nearly everywhere such as grocery store pharmacy sections, beauty stores, and online.

In 1984, a women named Jane Reid created the “bunch bangle” which is the same product but with a different name and the trend lasted up until the 2000’s said AnOther. By that time, scrunchies were thought to be uncool by many, however, they have made a comeback this year.

In 1980, fanny packs were invented and were a huge hit until interest in them gradually died off. This year the hands-free accessory has had a major resurgence.

Although these bags are not as popular as scrunchies, two models who walked the runway during fashion week happened to incorporate fanny packs into their outfits.

Another trend is Crocs. This rubber shoe company has boomed, considering that in the past the annual revenue of Crocs was only around 109 Million U.S dollars and as of 2018 the revenue has increased to 1,024 Million U.S dollars coming from Macrotrends.

These cool and comfy shoes come in every color you can think of and some are even made with lining inside to keep toes warm. They are being worn in every season and can be found all over.

Another fad that has come back is wearing denim products such as jean skirts, jackets, and overalls. Although these cloth items have gradually been making a comeback, 2018 has officially been marked the year of their return.

Jean skirts and jackets for girls can be found in nearly every female-based clothing store and the same can be said for jean jackets in male-focused stores.

One last trend is chokers. From 2016 to the present chokers were and still are worn with nearly every female outfit, however, the trend has somewhat died down. When Beyonce released her song “Formation” wearing three large chokers the trend began to spread and many believe the singer is responsible for the epidemic.