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Love Has Won: Finances, Father God, and Meth

None of the financial aspects of Love Has Won had Carlson’s name on them. Everything concerning the “outside-world”, such as accounts and ownership, had Lamboy’s name on it. He had taken full advantage of his title as ArchAngel and financial advisor due to the lack of caution that Carlson and the other members had for him. 

Profaci had warned Carlson and the group to be cautious of Lamboy multiple times before his departure from the cult, stating that he was “untrustworthy”. He even postponed his own departure from the cult due to his concerns over Carlson being alone with Lamboy. According to Profaci and other ex-members, Lamboy did feed into many of the delusions that Carlson had, playing along with the ideology in order to gain Carlson’s trust and manipulate her into allowing him to be the “real mastermind” of Love Has Won.Lamboy was running the financial aspects of Love Has Won by himself, which would have given him complete control over much more of the cult than Carlson was able to have. In fact, it seems that Lamboy was accumulating power during the early days of the cult, effectively making him the one in control while Carlson was simply the poster child of Love Has Won. 

This is not to say that Carlson did not have power in the cult. Although Lamboy was in complete control of the financial aspects, Carlson was still the one in control of the livestreams, the doctrine, and nearly everything else. She was charismatic and intelligent- and was great at making relationships with others, hence why she was able to draw so many people into her religion. She would, sometime in 2017, “assemble the Galactic A-Team”, otherwise known as the “First Contact Ground Crew Team” (hereafter referred to as the FCGC). These individuals would prove to be instrumental in the uptick of LHW’s popularity amongst the New Age Philosophy group. 

Members of the FCGC, such as Faith, met Carlson and Lamboy online through Telegram and other chat rooms. Details on Faith’s life are murky, and most of what is known comes from word of mouth by her old acquaintances. She was born with the name Avigail Lowes in the U.K, and is currently 34 years old. According to peers, Faith was the “oddball” of their group, and was, as quoted from alleged peer Robert Hawdon “the kind of person who would be easily manipulated into joining the cult when she was most vulnerable”. Later on, as an adult, Faith would find herself believing in New Age Philosophy, and would travel the world couch surfing as a spiritual guru. However, it is rumored that sometime before joining the cult, tragedy would strike in the form of a quad-bike accident in South America, where Faith allegedly caused a fatal crash that killed an elderly man. Although Faith would go on to escape charges, she would be deeply traumatized as a result of the incident. She would later meet with Carlson and Lamboy in a chatroom, where according to her interview in the Love Has Won: Cult Of Mother God documentary, Faith “felt” that Carlson really was God, and that Carlson had been the reason for all of Faith’s prior actions. She would go on to be charmed by Lamboy and Carlson, and join the group in California (where the cult was stationed at the time). Carlson did not have a visa to be in the United States, and was considered an illegal immigrant- which would later prove to be disastrous for the group. 

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Faith would, like other high-ranking LHW members, be responsible for drawing in other members of the cult, such as Hope and Aurora (who had backgrounds in New Age Philosophy), who were coerced into joining after multiple online spiritual sessions with Faith. Other members, such as “Father of the Multiverse/FM/Hilarion” and “Buddah”, would join the cult after life-altering events that left them emotionally vulnerable, such as a health scare or family member passing away. It is important to notice that this is a common manipulation tactic that cults use in order to gain more followers- they offer “guidance” to those who are at their most vulnerable. 

The cult would go on to operate on a hierarchy- based system, following the “natural flow of the universe”- the “natural flow” apparently being preferable treatment to those who Carlson favored at the time. Unlike other cults, who happen to follow a more clear and conventional form of hierarchy (such as Deity-Cult Leader-Cultist-Everyone else), LHW’s system was a mish-mash of who managed to stay on Carlson’s good side that day, and who managed to somehow “take her happiness”. Carlson and Lamboy always stayed at the top of the system, followed by Faith, then by older LHW members, and finally by new arrivals. Those who were close to Carlson, such as Lamboy and Faith, were more trusted to carry out orders, sleep in the same room with her, and guide the online sessions that Carlson ran. Positions of trust like these were greatly sought after by the newer members.

During this era of the cult, which is considered one of the last “peaceful” periods of the group, Carlson had multiple Father Gods. As stated in previous articles, Carlson had issues concerning self-esteem and manipulative relationships- it seemed that she could not handle being alone. She was described to be somewhat cruel and controlling. to her previous Father God’s (becoming so after falling out with WhiteEagle and her assaulter),. Part of her control issues came from her childhood and previous life in failing marriages, but another part of it may have come from Lamboy. As stated by Profaci, Lamboy encouraged Carlson to take complete control of every relationship that she had, while also offering suggestions as to how she should do so. For instance, when Profaci was attempting to draw Carlson out of the cult, Lamboy allegedly confronted him and told him to either act the part of Father God or “shut up”. It is speculated that Lamboy encouraged this behavior in order to help keep attention away from himself as he orchestrated the cult’s financials from behind the scenes.

The final temporary Father God would be John Robertson, otherwise known as “Father of the Multiverse” or “Hilarion” (hereafter stated as F.M). F.M had previously served in the U.S Marine Corps, in active duty for six years and inactive duty for two years. According to his interview in Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God, during the end of his time in the military he had begun questioning the status quo, stating that “now compared to thirty years ago, you know something’s going on”. He had gone into a “state of despair”, and had likely begun watching Carlson’s videos and live streams on conspiracy theories and New Age Philosophy. He would soon join the group, and would be noticed by Carlson. She would soon make him Father God, but would then demote him to Father of the Multiverse.

If we check back into the cult’s timeline, it is clear that Carlson had been busy. In December of 2014, she had “[brought] Father of Creation energies and consciousness into being”, likely referring to either Profaci, F.M, or as who would later come to be, Jason Castillo. From 2015 to 2017, Carlson had begun “anchoring in the Mother of All Creation essence”, and realized that her “144,000” archangels would not “make it” to her due to “the programming [being] too deep”. It was during late 2017 that Carlson’s chronic consumption of Colloidal Silver and drug abuse would become apparent, and her “body [began] to shut down” (although according to this timeline it was because of “humanities karma”). This is also when the “Ascension” officially activates, and her “First Contact Ground Crew Team” begins to assemble. In early to mid 2018, her “team finally arrives and assembles”, including the final Father God. 

Before we discuss the final Father God, it is important to discuss the philosophy of LHW at this point. It was beginning to become apparent that the group was a collection of right-wing conspiracy theorists who would later be in alignment with Q-Anon, a far-right political conspiracy group that orchestrated the January 6th Insurrection. But during this time (circa 2014-2019), the group was focussed more on “Ascension” and the 5th Dimension (also known as the ascended state of consciousness). Despite the groups anti-drug stance, they still partook in alcohol, hallucinogens, and other “natural” drugs, with Carlson defending the groups drug usage through statements that since they were “natural” (and that she had therefore created them before descending to humanity in her human form), it was perfectly acceptable to use them. As Carlson’s ideals became more apparent, she would be kicked out of various Lightworker groups for her extremist ideology- something she would resent for the rest of her life.

Furthermore, as stated in previous articles, the group was also drawn to Carlson’s belief in their past lives and the Galactic Counsel. Individuals of the FCGCT were given past lives and backstories, each complicated and somewhat contradictory. F.M was, according to Carlson, created out of her heart as “her twin flame and the same essence as Father God”, and that Carlson had apparently “birthed” him so that he could be one of her partners. Faith is not stated to have a past life in the book, but is described to have “always [known that] she was here for a reason, to assist in changing the planet somehow”, apparently being created for the sole purpose of being a devotee to Carlson. Lamboy was not given a celestial backstory in the book, but was rather stated to be the reincarnation of George Washington. Hope would become the reincarnation of Princess Diana, Buddah would be the reincarnation of “Ascended Master Kuthumi” (a popular figure in New Age Philosophy and English Theosophy), and Aurora was apparently created for the same purpose as Faith.

As stated before, this was one of the last peaceful eras of LHW- Carlson was becoming volatile, of course, but it was still bearable at this time. She was steadily growing her following, her business (made by Lamboy) was taking off, and she was finding herself cared for by her members. This era would end when the final Father God joined the group.

In order to understand why this Father God spelled out the end of relative peace, we need to go back to when he was born. 

Jason Gilbert Castillo was born on August 5th, 1975 in Wisconsin. Although details on his early life are incredibly limited at best and non-existent at worst, it is speculated that he was born to two parents who would later die or disown him when he was a teenager, turning him homeless. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Castillo did state that he was “in” his Grandparents’ house on the weekends (likely visiting), and would sit and stare at an image of Jesus Christ in fascination, and stated that he would, “sit there and just stare at Jesus, who was myself.” This claim would completely contradict Carlson’s claim as Jesus being one of her past lives (which would also contradict one of her claims where she claims that Jehovah was a dissident against herself, ignoring that in Christian theology, where she had based this claim in, that Jesus and Jehovah are the same being). 

He lived in Dunn County, Wisconsin, where he would allegedly commit various crimes including selling illicit substances to minors, criminal mischief, property theft, child neglect, possession of illicit substances, usage of said illicit substances, and burglary. It is also alleged by a person who claimed to know him that he may have been involved in the kidnapping of an underage girl in Wisconsin with his roomate, and when questioned by the police, fled the state. He was also rumored to have attended multiple college parties with another individual when they were both in their thirties in the hopes to “pick up” girls.

He was also addicted to methamphetamines. 

According to the cult’s timeline, Castillo is as old as Carlson, having been created from the same energies as herself in order to give Carlson a “twin flame”. He was supposedly separated from Carlson after the “fall of Jehovah”, when he was “contracted to go and master the dark”- that is, the evil forces in our known spiritual universe. He does not have as extensive of a reincarnation list as Carlson, only being Abraham Lincoln and JFK in previous lives (this would go on to change after the death of Carlson, whereafter he claimed to have been the reincarnation of multiple other beings). Carlson and Castillo were supposedly separated for 19 billion years, and this “era” of Carlson was meant to be the moment that the two completed their purpose.

However, none of these ideas and “history” was discussed until 2018- when Castillo was made into an official member of the group. Although the exact details on how he met Carlson are unclear, it is likely that Castillo had been involved in New Age philosophy and found Carlson’s videos online sometime after she was banned from Light Worker groups. In late 2017 it was found that Castillo had interacted with Carlson during her live streams through the chat, and it was likely there that Castillo decided to join LHW. He would show up to LHW physically in March of 2018, amongst a group of other followers.

If we look at the cult’s book of transcripts, in April of 2017 Carlson references “Father of Creation energies”. In the transcript, Carlson talks about “build[ing] a bridge from Mount Shasta to the heart chakra, which is in Glastonbury, England”, and how she apparently saw Tibetan monks “walking down the pathway in ceremony, singing, ‘Mother and Father’” (if she saw the Tibetan monks walking in Mount Shasta is unclear). She would then go on to describe her speaking to a man in a chatroom who told her about being “taken onto the ships” and meeting the Galactic Federation of Light. The man would then go on to say “‘They told me I was Lucifer’”, to which Carlson responded, “‘Well, you know, the real Lucifer is my twin flame’”. They would then, according to Carlson, meet three days later after he “traveled through the portal through that bridge, [and] when he entered Shasta there was a rainbow that appeared.”. She would then go on to describe their meeting (thereafter referring to the individual as Father God), how he was apparently subjected to the Cabal putting a “secret weapon in Father”, which was a bomb.

There are two important things to note about this transcript: 1), The transcripts are heavily edited, and 2) It is unclear if she was talking about F.M or Castillo.

The entirety of the transcripts that are being referenced are stated to be edited for “sake of understanding”, and after Carlson died, a vast majority of the videos that are transcripts in the book have been permanently deleted. Furthermore, even with the book being edited, it is still a glimpse into the deteriorating mind of a woman who constantly contradicts herself and is unintelligible at times. These factors must be taken into account when using these transcripts as evidence, and why it is difficult to estimate a correct timeline or series of events when researching the cult.

Due to the unreliable nature of the transcripts, it is difficult to state whether or not Carlson was speaking of Castillo or F.M- the book states that it was “Father God”, but the meeting does not match up to the series of events or timeline that is based in reality. Furthermore, Carlson had believed that F.M was the final Father God at the time of meeting him, and it was only until her interactions with Castillo that she decided that F.M was actually just one of her consorts. Also, due to the fantastical nature of what she described seeing, it is almost impossible to have happened, due to the fact that people cannot use “portals” to teleport to each other in real life.

Castillo joining LHW physically is likely the worst thing to have happened to the cult since its founding. Castillo ended the “peaceful era” of the cult, and allowed for the idea of being Father God to inflate his ego. It is important to note that Castillo was, as mentioned, using methamphetamines, which would then be combined with the group’s usage of alcohol and other hallucinogens, spelling disaster.

Castillo was incredibly abusive to the followers, and his actions mirrored a watered-down version of CIA cold war techniques. Part of the reason that Castillo was allowed to be so volatile was that Carlson would be away from the group or asleep when the abuse occurred. Castillo would take over the group when Carlson was not present and would, as one member would say, “overly drink”, and as Aurora would say, “[Embody] all the lower masculine energy”. His behavior was so contrary, in fact, that F.M had repeatedly asked Carlson if she “was sure” that Castillo was really Father God, to which Carlson confirmed each time.

Castillo would eventually get into arguments with Carlson over his meth addiction, and would be forced to “go live in the basement” anytime the arguments got “too bad”. It is important to note that the group had a very strong “anti-drug” stance, despite many members of the group taking various forms of illicit substances, and therefore Castillo had broken one of the rules that Carlson had set in place. The two entered a sort of cycle, Carlson condemning Castillo’s treatment of the group, telling him to “surrender to love”, and Castillo would apologize to Carlson, promise to do better for the group, and restart his usage. 

The fighting got so bad, in fact, that Lamboy would eventually step in and attempt to redirect Castillo to no avail. In 2018, only a few months after physically meeting Castillo, the group (and the Galactic Council, apparently) decided that the situation was too volatile for Carlson to remain in with Castillo, and would move Carlson to Oregon without Castillo. As Hope would put it, “We did leave Jason behind, um, because he was out of control”. Carlson broke the news to Castillo, and had (according to Hope) stated, “You’re in your lower right now, and you can’t be around us. But if you are Father God, you’ll find a way to us”. With that, the group temporarily split, Hope, F.M, and Carlson moving to Oregon, and the rest of the group (with the exception of Castillo) to Crestone, Colorado. The reason for the split was due to the Galactic Council, who apparently wanted the rest of the cult to be in the same place that Carlson started her journey at. 

It would take several weeks for Castillo to find Carlson again. Within those weeks, the group gained much more traction- enough for locals to notice discrepancies within the Crestonian group. The locals would notice that the people in the group were not just New Age hippies, but instead something much more sinister, and would attempt to drive them out. 

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