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Love Has Won: Carlson, Profaci, and the Galactic A-Team (Stage 2)

Love Has Won: Carlson, Profaci, and the Galactic A-Team (Stage 2)


God died on April 16th, 2021, from a combination of anorexia, alcohol abuse, and excessive use of colloidal silver. At least, according to the organization known as Love Has Won, God died on that day. God was, according to them, Amy Carlson- a 46-year-old woman from Texas who claimed to have lived over 500 lifetimes. News of her death only became public on April 26th, 2021, after the police raided the Love Has Won compound and found her blue, sparkly, mummified remains. 

For many cults, that would be the end. They would collapse without a leader- but this organization still goes on strong and is still gaining more members- even selling the very products that killed their God. In this article, we will be continuing our discussion of the cult known as Love Has Won, and explore how Mother God.


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Miguel Lamboy, before he met Carlson, had cancer. At least, he claimed he had “end-stage” lung cancer, and had one lung removed as a result. He claimed in a past livestream to have been searching for something to help him when he met Carlson in a public video chat, when she was still with WhiteEagle. He was apparently infatuated with her and her teachings of the universe. The two became fast friends, and he would go on to claim that Carlson had somehow “healed” his cancer and saved his life. He became Carlson’s first follower, and eventually another of her “twin flames” (although this would later be refuted by the cult). He would even claim to be the biblical figure known as the “Archangel Michael”- effectively branding himself as the first of Carlson’s right-hand men.

Lamboy made himself appear as a devoted follower of Carlson, but many claim that Lamboy was more of a “Judas than an Archangel”. Lamboy would establish himself as the cult’s treasurer, and members of the cult claim that during his time within the cult he would steal money from the profits the group made selling medications. And after Carlson’s death (almost a decade after he met her), would completely drain the group’s bank accounts and leave, becoming completely estranged and untraceable.

Many speculate that Lamboy was the first Father God that the group would have, although the cult does not corroborate these claims. In the book “Conversations With Mother God” (published by the cult) describes that the relationship between Carlson and Lamboy was strictly platonic, like a mother and son, but now deleted livestreams from the website known as “The Galactic Free Press” dictates that the two were a couple for a short period of time. 

It seems that Carlson had a tendency to name any male individual she had an intimate relationship with as a new Father God, and many point out that Carlson had “bad luck” with men in the past. Although details on her marriages are murky, many point to the fact that Carlson’s abusive childhood and numerous short-lived relationships as evidence that Carlson was attention-seeking and desperate for validation. Some even speculate that naming individuals as “Father God” or “Father Multiverse” was a way for her to please the egos of her “twin flames” while still keeping a sense of importance (i,e, keeping herself as the “divine creator of the multiverse”) that may have been lacking in her previous relationships. Although these speculations are unconfirmed, what can be confirmed is that after Carlson had cut ties with previous “3D” relationships, she would “kill them off”- that is, never mention them again and claim that they are dead. In the timeline provided by the cult, in the 1990’s Carlson was “caring for a dying husband” (which is unconfirmed), and after her split from WhiteEagle (the first “Father God”), would never again mention him by name in future livestreams. 

Again, details are murky on how Carlson and Lamboy decided that Lamboy would no longer be Father God, what we can see is that as this decision was being made a new member would join the cult. The cult had been active for a short period of time at this point, and already had a few members, all originating from internet chat rooms, and Carlson did have a house at this point (although if this house is at the “Log Castle” or not is unclear). This was at the very beginning of the cult’s origin and would be a moment in time that the cult has refused to address or draw any attention to.

The new Father God would be a man by the name of Andrew Profaci, who would join the cult ten months after meeting Carlson in a chatroom circa 2015. Profaci has been completely erased by the cult’s timeline, to the point where the book completely omits any live streams from that year, and the only time the group acknowledges his existence is to proclaim that he is “Satan” himself. Profaci was, at the time, abusing painkillers after a horrific car crash that ended in the death of a close friend. Profaci states that even before the accident, he had been going “down a bad path”, struggling with an alcohol addiction as well as questioning his purpose in life. After the car accident, he had fallen into a downward spiral that consisted of 9/11 conspiracy theories, ancient egypt, and religion. Carlson had, as he states, been posting videos that fueled his downward spiral, and in chat rooms she would play into his ideas.

As soon as he joined the cult, he was given a large amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms by Carlson and Lamboy, who had already consumed a large amount of the mushrooms as well. He was, for lack of a better term, completely stoned when Carlson then asked for intimate relations with him. In the Love Has Won: Cult Of Mother God documentary, Profaci states that Carlson first complimented him, stating that he was one of the “most brilliant beings”, and then stated “when you’re ready… let me know.”. It is important to note that Profaci stated that Carlson’s face was the first thing he saw after coming down from his high, and he was still experiencing the effects and in a vulnerable state, therefore making him easier to groom into becoming the next Father God.

Profaci, after becoming the new Father God, would become more prevalent in both the livestreams and website that Carlson and Lamboy had been working on. The website was titled
“”, which Profaci believed was the reason for the lack of members that Carlson had. Profaci stated that he had a background in creating and marketing websites, and, under his guidance, spoke to Carlson and Lamboy about re-branding the website. Profaci alleges that he told Carlson to make the name of the group something short that would bring more attention to the cause, and so they worked together to go over the fundamentals of the group’s beliefs. After little deliberation, the two decided on a new name, “Love Has Won”.

Profaci’s time as Father God was underwhelming. He states in an interview that during that era of the cult, there wasn’t much he could do. He simply participated in Carlson’s livestreams, drew in more followers, and shared articles concerning the group’s ideology with each other. He was apparently one of the group’s main sources of income, as he was “getting 700 dollars a week” in disability, which “kept food and weed on the table”. Profaci stated that the group was under the influence of hallucinogens from “the moment [we] woke up to the moment [we] went to sleep”- despite the group’s anti-drug ideology. This apparent contradiction of ideals was made even further apparent when Profaci describes Carlson’s drinking habits.

Carlson was apparently a violent drunk. She would scream, yell, hit and abuse her followers. She would drink to the point of not only being blackout drunk, but also unable to walk and sit up properly. Profaci would describe some of these events in an interview online, stating that there were moments where Carlson would “admit she’s not really God”, and would lament abandoning her family for the group. Profaci stated that he knew she wasn’t really a God at this point, but had stuck to the group regardless because he wanted to protect her. It was Lamboy who, in these moments of clarity, would pull Carlson back into the narrative of being Mother God, and would apparently not only feed into, but also push the delusion onto her. 

In a more horrific turn of events, Profaci would allege that an unnamed member would assault Carlson while she was unable to consent. He would, according to Profaci, take Carlson away for “private sessions” while she was drunk or high, and act as though he was the “true Father God”, and would then proceed to have relations with Carlson. Profaci would then confront the assaulter and then Carlson repeatedly until Carlson realized what had occurred. She would send the individual away from the group, all while Lamboy watched. Profaci would state that he didn’t feel safe keeping Carlson with Lamboy, as he had seemed to be an incredibly untrustworthy individual. 

Things reached a boiling point in late 2015, which would cause Profaci to permanently leave the group. He stated that he knew that the ideology was fake, that Carlson was not a God, and that he felt “frankly embarrassed” by the whole ordeal. He apparently knew for months, but had stuck around to protect Carlson. He would vanish from the group, cutting ties with everyone in it and returning to society.

If we are to check back in with the cults timeline, they state that during 2015-2016, Carlson had met the “Galactic A-Team”, who explained to Carlson what programming was and how she needed to “activate the 144,000”. Carlson would then, according to the cult, channel the essence of “Mother of all Creation… [embodying] the power and fury of dragons to smack humanity into right action”. There is no mention of Profaci within this timeline.

The Galactic A-Team, otherwise known as “The Galactics” or “The Galactic Counsel”, is a counsel of “enlightened” individuals- primarily made up of celebrities from Carlson’s childhood, including Patrick Swayzee, John Lennon, Prince, Christopher Reeves, and most notably, Robin Williams.

Carlson had spoken a grand multitude of contradictions when it comes to Robin William. Her first mention of him was in 2014, after she heard news of his death. Carlson would claim in a livestream that Williams first appeared to her directly after she heard news of his suicide, circa August 11, 2014. She claimed that Williams appeared next to her, stated that he “was murdered”, and informed her of her role in the Galactic Counsel. Carlson claimed that Williams would then go on to sort of mentor her, telling her of the “starships” that the Galactics were on, her past lives, and of the “ascension” process. He would also tell her how to “awaken the 144,000”. 

The number “144,000” is commonly seen in cults, and refers to the Book of Revelations- a book in the bible that tells of the apocalypse. Within chapter 4 verse 7, the book details that a sign of the end times will be the death of the 144,000, who are supposedly the “true believers” of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although originally within the scripture the 144,000 were virgin boys, Carlson stated that the 144,000 were those who “denied their programing” and sought her out- those who she would later describe as her “144,000 Rainbow Warriors”. Although details on this idea are limited, evidence from those who used to follow Carlson suggest that she believed that anybody who bought products from her were a part of the 144,000. 

She didn’t seem to care too much about who joined the cult.

After Profaci left, Carlson and Lamboy ran into a new problem. They were picking up new members, but they didn’t have the financial means to keep expanding. This is a common issue in many cults and religions- it is impossible to live completely by its doctrine without having some sort of income to compensate for not living within society. So, Carlson and Lamboy decided (though many speculate that the decision was completely Lamboy’s) to start an online business selling medicine.

The website that they used,, sold alternative medicine such as colloidal silver, body butters, crystals, and “ceremonial tools”. Although the website is now inactive due to the death of Carlson and numerous complaints from the FDA, it is still present within the internet archive known as “The Wayback Machine”. The website boasted that “Our products heal any and all diseases, ailments, energetic imbalances and more, as everything is vibration, we have ensured Divine vibration is assimilated into each product.”. I would like to point out that the basis of this claim is not only misleading, but also illegal. Because the products were not tested in an approved environment, and because they were not approved at all, to state that the products heal everything is illegal under the False-Claims Act. Furthermore, the cult also stated that the usage of colloidal silver was a safe and effective means to heal ailments (including cancer), when it is considered dangerous to use and has been banned from being sold as an oral medication. 

The website would remain active until Carlson’s death, and during this time period, the cult was growing. New members began appearing in livestreams, and these members would become the new mouthpiece of Love Has Won before and after Carlson’s death- members such as Faith, Hope, Aurora, El Morya, and Father of the Multiverse- all of whom are important individuals within the Love Has Won theology. 

Her cult was growing fast- so fast that one has to wonder if Love Has Won had any requirements to be a member. It seemed that all you had to do was be liked by Carlson and bring in some income- something that almost anybody could do. Although many blame the lax member requirements on Carlson’s misfortune and death, a new member, one who Carlson was infatuated with, would show up. He was an addict, obsessive, and would be the final Father God.

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