October 2019 Horoscope



Libra: September was a confusing month for you, between your mixed emotions about people and the mixed signals you’ve received, you had a hard time finding clarity. Luckily this month will be a lot better for you. On October fourth you’ll feel a strong connection with your feelings. Remember to be very clear with others on the way you feel. As the month moves forward you’ll feel a strong pull to your loved ones. This will be a good month for you, as long as you remember to be apparent with your feelings and the things that you want.

Scorpio: This month your nightlife will be sure to come alive! Go out and have fun this month, September you spent a majority of the time self-reflecting so this month is the time to really live. You’ve spent the past couple of weeks being sincerely focused on your goals. On October 19th you can expect a boost in your social life and your personal relationships. Make sure to take big risks this month because it’s a great time for success on the 23rd of October. 

Sagittarius: These next few weeks you’ll find yourself to feel very inspired by life and others. Make sure to act on that feeling and this could end up being a very good month for you. Around October 21st you’ll be presented with an issue that comes with a nearly impossible choice to make but sadly you must make it, remember the end of something isn’t always something that needed to be mourned. 

Capricorn: This is a great month to start focusing on your career and any other long term plans you plan on making any time soon, success is just around the corner for you! This month will be great for you but don’t let your setbacks blind you to the way you act, pay attention to yourself or you’ll find that you fall victim to jealousy within the next few weeks. This month, don’t be surprised to see that you are little by little cutting ties with people that you least expect to. 

Aquarius: October is a great time for you to travel, even if it isn’t somewhere far. Adventure this month and appreciate the things surrounding you. Let go of your need to perfect things this month, let loose and breath, remember you’re growing and you need room to make mistakes. Trust your gut feeling on October 19th something could be happening behind the scenes that you can’t see but you know what’s there. On the 21st make sure to speak your aspirations out into the universe because it will give you motivation for your oncoming struggles due next month. 

Pisces: This month you’ll see that you find it easier to cut off the things that are no longer serving you in your life. On October 14th you’ll feel overly productive, use this time to catch up on upcoming projects. Unfortunately on the 15th, you’ll be on the verge of a mental breakdown because you feel immensely overwhelmed, don’t worry about outside factors and remember that just because you feel out of sorts it doesn’t make you any less of who you are. 

Aries: This is a good month to connect with new people and build connections with them, although you should be careful with your words because if not you’ll find yourself in a rushed relationship with a person you hardly know. As an Aries you like that you obtain the majority of the control in all your relationships but on October 21st you’ll see that you’re having a bit of a power struggle with your family and friends. Work hard on your goals this month, it’s a good time to grow and learn from mistakes. On the 25th be very mindful of your words and actions because if not you’ll put yourself into quite the argument for seamlessly no reason at all. 

Taurus: Be focused on your work ethic this month, towards the end of September you started to care less and less about the things that used to be most important to you, don’t let a new adventure make you forget the person that you are or the person that you want to be. Remember to keep your ego and attitude at a minimum this month or it will soon become very apparent that your attitude is the reason for more than one argument you’ve had this month. On the 23rd you’ll refocus on your relationships and try your hardest to make amends with those you hold close to your heart. 

Gemini: You’ve found this month to be awfully cute and warm, you’ve been soaking up all the sunshine and good energy you’ve been receiving. This is a great month to focus on yourself and the things that you need to grow. This month you see the time slipping out of your hand but that has only made you appreciate your loved ones more than you already have. On the 21st you’ll feel a strong pull to your family, don’t pull away because of the past, this month is about your future and the person you want to be not the person you were. 

Cancer: This month is a great time to get creative! Use the next few days to get in touch with your passions. October 27th the new moon moves into your sector which you will find, makes you grumpier than usual. Pay attention to the way you make others feel this month because it will heavily influence people’s actions toward you. Be open to new experiences this month its a great time for new adventures and passions. 

Leo: This is the month to get rid of any unnecessary and negative energy. Lately you have been in a deep hold with your feelings and you might start to feel like your drowning in your emotions, talk to your loved ones and remember that they’re there for you. Hold on to your ambitions, you might find that you have a loss of motivation for the things you used to care the most about but remember that if you want those things they won’t come easy or without a price. 

Virgo: Watch your spending habits this month, if not you could find yourself in a financial hole in the near future. This month has been hard for you, its apparent to others around you that you’ve been holding in some feelings and the things that you want to say. On October 21st you’ll find that those feelings are coming to a close and you’ll be able to fully let go of whatever negativity you’ve been holding on to over the past few days.