A Voyage through the Playoffs

An overview on how MLB teams succeeded towards the end of this baseball season

Holly Rivera, Editorials Editor

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Fall consists of leaves changing color, sweater weather, and pumpkin patches. Some people are removing their tank-tops and adding long-sleeve blouses to their wardrobe. For baseball fans, it’s the time of the year where they trade in their regular season caps for the playoff ones.

Luckily for Colorado fans, it was another year of Rocktober. Players were competing in 162 games this year, just to potentially play in the month of October. What a privilege that our hometown Major League team was able to go to the playoffs for the second consecutive year, which just happened to be a franchise first. This leads to the even crazier events that happened in the playoffs the year of 2018.

The Red Sox have played an amazing season this year. They were able to end with a record of 108-59, and the American League was able to come out strong. They’ve reached huge accomplishments, especially with the fact that they beat their ultimate rivals in the division, the New York Yankees.

Yet, right behind the Red Sox were the reigning world champions (the Astros) with just a few less losses. The real shocker that many spectators could say they would’ve never guessed, was the bulldozing Athletics that slid in the playoffs under the radar as a wildcard– leaving the Indians, who lead their division for the greater part of the year.

However, in the National League, it was way more complicated. With a first in the Major Leagues of 149 years, there has never been two division ties to end the year. This meant a game 163, and for a baseball fan, a dream come true. Overall, the Dodgers and Brewers won their division joining the Braves.

After all that hoorah, the wildcard games occurred with our Rockies who continued on their Rocktober, and the Yankees got another opportunity to beat their division rivals.  

Leading up to the eight team division series, these games ended up being a series of who’s defense could hold off the offense long enough. Many teams, such as the Brewers and Astros, gave themselves the type of momentum that can fuel them through the playoffs. On the other hand, the Red Sox and the Dodgers faced a longer, tougher series of games. They came out victorious, now taking on the World Series.

The American League Division Series was a very close one. Nonetheless, the Red Sox built momentum off a loss. After losing the first game, they didn’t let that hold them back from winning the next four. However, the National League Division was a whole different ball game (get it?), extending out to a seven game series. It sure was a nail-biter seeing teams come together and making every player valuable, but the Dodgers took that series for the second year in a row.

This series included the longest game in Major League History, being around seven and half hours long. It ended up the only Dodger win in the World Series, coming from a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 18th inning. As the series progressed, one of these teams came out triumphant in 2018’s World Series. The Red Sox came out on top in the 2018 season, with a rockstar offense and defense. This concludes this year with a Red Sox World Series Win for the 4th time in a 15 year period.