A Haven for Tired Souls

Ethan Pace

Hawk Haven is a great addition to the school, allowing students more access to coffee, gum, and other goods that could improve their education and their day.

In comparison to last year’s Hawk’s Nest, the improved student store is better in every way– for example, the Hawk Haven now offers freshly brewed coffee which can help students focus in class.  Everyone who wants or cares about their education should rejoice. I know I will; falling asleep in class is not a option for me, nor should it be anyone else.

This year’s sales are much better than last year. The Hawk Haven’s weekly profits are in the high hundreds, which is a lot for them– considering that last year, sales weren’t as booming. The majority of the students who work the Hawk Haven either earn class credit for their work.

The main item sold is coffee; they have a full brew system, including $1.50 for regular coffee, mixed coffee drinks such as mochas and lattes for for $3.00. They also sell hot and cold teas tea, hot chocolate and their special Hawk Cocoa. Hawk Haven plans on adding smoothies to their menu in the near future. In conjunction with the drinks listed, they also offer flavoring that is 50 cents each (just in case you might want to spice up your drink). Every drink you could possibly buy is sold at better prices compared to Starbucks, so you can save a few bucks and your time by not going off campus. You know what that means– of course,  more time for homework and studying, like the good student you are.

If that wasn’t enough to have you hooked, you can also make your own drinks with the different flavorings. Pro tip: Make them super gross, that way no one will want to ask for a sip. In all seriousness, though, this is a true positive as well, because it doesn’t give customers any constraints (except for ingredients, obviously), and allows them to have a vast amount of freedom in what they drink. This will not only increase profits for the Hawk Haven, but make buyers feel like they have some sort of control in it.

Overall, the Hawk Haven his is a great addition to Horizon High School. It will help students get through school on those rough days, which isn’t uncommon among peers. Many may enjoyed the Hawk’s Nest of the past but, this year the Hawk Haven is easily the best part part of having a few extra dollars in your wallet.