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Welcome to the Career Corner! Here, I feature people who have your dream jobs with advice on how to get where you want to go!

The Job of the Issue: Doctor

Special thanks to Savannah Brackman, a Medical student at UTHSC College of Medicine, for letting me interview her for this article.

“Medicine is a difficult but rewarding field,” Brackman says. “One of the hardest parts is the time commitment to training and work hours. It can be extremely taxing to work 80+ hours a week taking care of other people– but at the end of the week, it is rewarding and satisfying to have made a difference in another person’s life to improve their health and well-being.”

Before looking into to career, however, Brackman advises students to reflect on what subjects they like in school. “Find your passion, and make it your life’s work. It is okay to not know right this second or even 10 years down the line– but keep exploring, and stay curious.”

People who enjoy subjects such as science, math, and psychology may find a job in the medical field suitable for them– but it definitely is something that must be worked for.

“Work hard in school, shadow, and talk to doctors you might see yourself or know through family or friends. Volunteer at nursing homes or hospitals, talking to patients. Ask questions, and stay curious! Explore other career options, because medicine is a life-long commitment to learning, studying, and taking care of others– not just a 9 to 5 job.”

The main bit of advice Savannah gives, regarding the career of a doctor, is just to enjoy life.

“Go outside, and get plenty of sunshine! Take time to take care of yourself whether that is journaling, running, yoga, spending time with family or friends. … You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.”

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Emma Valentine, Business and Marketing Director

Emma Valentine is an avid writer, reader, and Harry Potter nerd. She wants to be an author when she grows up and is currently working on writing her third novel with hopes to be published. She loves hanging out with her family, writing, reading, crafting and painting. This is her second year on “The Profile.”

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