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What's the best part of Springtime?

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  • Longer days (9%, 3 Votes)
  • Eating ice cream without getting cold (9%, 3 Votes)
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Seniors Last Semester

Seniors Last Semester

The last and final semester of K-12 schooling is upon the senior class of 2024! Students are continuing to experience their lasts, as they countdown the days to graduation, held May 15, 2024. First semester flew by and the second semester will go by even faster. With this being the start of the second semester, students are going forth, working hard on their education, athletics, and applying to colleges and scholarships. Senior year is a memorable time, and should be experienced to the fullest. During the time that the graduating class has left here at Horizon, I would be encouraged to attend all the games, events, and really get the full experience of senior year.

Here are some opinions and thoughts from the graduating class on how they are feeling about this being their last semester of high school.


The Profile: How are you feeling that there is only one semester left of highschool?

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Vai Martinez-Gee: “I am feeling uncertain, anxious, and slightly in awe, based on the lack of time.”


Lasangika Sukumaran: “Having one semester of highschool left has definitely made me more stressed about what my future is going to be while also reminiscing the past memories I have made here.”


Carter Wilson: “I am a little nervous that there is only one semester left, but I am also excited about the future.”


Jaden Trujillo: “I feel both happy to finally graduate but also nervous for what life looks like after. I’ve always been a forward thinker, thinking about my future and what I want for it, and now that it is finally here, I question if I will be ready. I’m fortunate to have my friends, my family, and God supporting me through what life has in store for me, and I know I will never have all the answers, but I hope to pass on my testimony to my successors so they will both learn from my experiences. As well as understand what not to do, and to not have any regrets. So yes, I feel both happy and nervous but through it all, I will prevail.”


Jeremiah Hernandez: “I am happy that there is one semester left.”


The Profile: Was high school what you expected?


Vai Martinez-Gee: “In some ways yes, but in general no it wasn’t what I expected, it just wasn’t a fun time.”


Lasangika Sukumaran: “High School was not what I expected it to be because it was a very big jump from how middle school was academically. Also highschool has definitely changed me more as a person.”


Carter Wilson:  “I feel like high school was pretty much what I expected, but there were a lot of fun experiences.”


Jaden Trujillo: “ I think highschool is what I expected. Teachers in middle school lectured about the disciplinary action you would need to take in order to be successful. In accordance with their statements I took it to heart to work hard and be better, for I knew my future of not only high school was at stake but also the future of college and life in all. In opposition to that, I would consider the difficulties of time management, education before highschool was simple and straightforward. I never expected that managing my time would be such a difficulty. All in all there were both joyful moments and stressful ones but nevertheless I learned from it all especially from those of which were unexpected.


Jeremiah Hernandez: “High school was what I expected, hard and stressful, but most importantly fun.”


The Profile: What advice would you give to lowerclassmen and/or incoming students?


Vai Martinez-Gee: “Talk to more people, and if you have a friend group, try to branch out a bit because some of the people you think won’t be around forever.”


Carter Wilson: “Do a sport or join a club you will enjoy, and work hard on schoolwork.”


Jaden Trujillo: “ To those incoming freshmen, I would tell them to focus, and that this is your future. This is such a fragile thing to hold in your hands and that one mistake could lead to regrets down the road. My father once told me ‘you work hard now so you don’t have to later’. He said this because if you put yourself on the right track now, everything else later comes easily. Focus on what your future could be and use that as fuel to lock in through high school. I promise if you do everything in your power to become who you want to be and be better, not only will high school be easier, but so will your life. Pay attention and never let go of your dreams, focus up so you don’t have any regrets.


Jeremiah Hernandez: “Advice I would give to underclassmen is that there are always people there to help you, don’t feel like you are alone.”


Senior year for this class is without a doubt going by at a rapid pace. As a senior, I encourage the lower class to get involved and enjoy it to the fullest. Most importantly, work hard and put school first. It is extremely important to work hard now and put a lot of dedication into what you want to do, as your future self will thank you.

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Trinity is a senior at Horizon and this is her first and last year in the Journalism department. She spends her time writing, working out, and being with friends and family. She loves to write mainly about sports, romance, and issues around the world. Trinity’s aspirations are to attend CU Boulder for Journalism, and pursue a career in Sports Journalism, preferably for the NBA. She also hopes to travel the world with the people she loves, and see new things. She is extremely excited to take part in Journalism this year, and share her writing with her peers!

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