Cheer Tryout/Clinics


Rosie Garcia

Horizon High School Cheer ended its season in early March and is now ready to begin pre-season and work on new goals for the upcoming season. Clinics took place from the 24th to the 26th of April and tryouts were on the 27th. The girls learned a cheer, chant, band dance, and dance to showcase their skills and technique. Then they ended with jumps (double toe touch) and running or standing tumbling. This year, the judges added bonus interview questions about how they will contribute to the team! It was a very fun and comforting environment as everyone was very supportive of one another and cheered everyone on. 


New Team Members


This year, a senior boy, Mauricio De La Rosa, joined the Varsity Sideline Cheer team. Not only is he bringing amazing skills and technique to the team but he’s breaking social barriers and creating a legacy at Horizon¬†


Congratulations the Teams


Overall, Cheer tryouts were very successful and every athlete did an amazing job with the choreography they learned!