My Favorite 3 Movies and Why

Sammy Saiki

 Ah, movies. The very thing that shapes many, if not all, of people today. Especially since we are so attached to technology, we might as well get some “use” out of it right? Cough, cough, anyways. Here are my top 3 movies and why. 


  1.  Coraline: Coraline is my top movie for a number of reasons. The cinematography, the style, the acting,and EVERYTHING done with perfection if I do say so myself. Specifically something about claymation just entertains me like no other, so that is where I’m at with this movie. I also read the book about a thousand times which I enjoyed each time more after the last. I feel like the real meaning of why I love this movie so much is because I was so excited to see it even when I was a small little girl. Every other child was afraid to see it or creeped out,  which is reasonable, but I was weirdly obsessed with it from the start. I guess you could say I am the first person to ever like this movie and the only reason other people watch it is because I did. But whatever. 


  1. The Lord of the Rings: Now this movie is a little bit more complex. I actually had to think about it before I chose it. Okay, The Lord of the Rings is slightly boring. I know, hot take. But everytime I watch it I feel transported into a green field filled with mythical creatures and I hate to say it but I really dig that. This film for sure earns extra points for Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortenson, but most of all, the MUSIC. It is undeniably magical when you hear the score from those movies, and that’s all I have to say about that. 


  1.  The Devil Wears Prada: I first watched this movie when I was about 14 years old. I was eating white cheddar Mac and cheese, and yes this is important to the story. The fashion, the New York City aesthetic (hate that word). But truly, this film is a work of art. Also Miranda Prisly is cool, you can’t lie. She dominates in the media workforce and is still consistently belittled as a woman who runs a magazine for fashion and makeup and stuff like that. Like, she slays! If I were her, I would probably be fed up with people too.