My Review on Sophomore Year

My Review on Sophomore Year

Savannah Birch

(10 ball)

My sophomore year has not been the best, honestly it has not been good. This school year has brought me many life changes, some good and some completely unnecessary. So let me go month by month telling you why I hated this year. 



I started my 2nd year at high school this month and football season started too. A big life-changing event happened this month which will always stay with me now. My twin brother who was the starting varsity quarterback as a freshman intrigued Scotty Gang (9News Sportscaster) to contact him. With that, 9News came to my house to film a documentary on my brother and our family. It was aired at halftime of the first Denver Broncos game. That video made my life known to the world and many people who I wasn’t close with and even teachers emailed/texted me about the video. 



Homecoming occurred this month which was a total bust but at least I looked very cute. I was doing pretty good this month and was genuinely happy as a person with everything that was going on in my life. I also lost my best friend since elementary(she didn’t die just no longer in my life). This event changed a lot for me because I lost a whole lot of friends but I had these 2 girls that I was getting close with. Oh, and I also went to a party this month which was a very nice memory…the parts I remember!



This month was very different for me because I had some changes to me. It was almost the end of football season and that’s when I started getting depressed. Everything started changing for me and I stopped caring about my education and the things that were super important but I still took care of myself. This was also the month I turned 16 years old. My amazing grandma allowed me (she had no choice in the matter) to go get a tattoo a week after my birthday because I’ve always wanted one or more. This was the first step to becoming a young woman. 



So this was a very big month for me because a lot of things happened. I turned into an official young adult this month which changed my life. So this month, I started my first-ever job! This was a huge accomplishment for me to have this chance to get a job right when I turn 16. I always wanted to make my own money and be able to provide for the people that I love and now I have the chance to do that. 



This was a very fun month because I did almost nothing except spend money. This year I was finally able to buy all kinds of gifts for my family and friends which made me very happy. I also worked on Christmas which got me a lot of money that I already spent. I got to spend 4 days by myself while my grandma and brother were in Texas for a football visit thing and I had a blast. I door dashed, sat around, and did anything I wanted without anyone yelling at me. 



Okay, it’s the new year, and not in my favor. I did something really stupid as almost every high school girl does and then everyone found out but everyone forgot about it within 2 weeks. I mean I did appreciate being the main topic in many people’s conversations, kind of brought my ego up. The biggest thing that happened was that I got my driver’s license…then four days later I drove into my brother’s parked truck. I have a big dent on my front hood and broke the headlight but it’s okay because at least it was my brother, not anyone else. I also gave up on my grades this month too!



Ugh…there’s not a lot to talk about except I was really sad and I lost all the friends I had. I started walking straight to class without stopping to talk to someone and I just didn’t leave my house except for work and school. I also decided to not play lacrosse this year because I fell out of love for it and just wanted to keep working. 



I honestly can’t remember this month. It had no significance to me at all because nothing interesting happened I think. It’s literally blank when I think about this month. 



This month was my mom’s birthday which was the 12th birthday she celebrated in Heaven. I started accepting more of my feelings (more like turning them off) but I became happy again. I bought a new bed set which cost a good amount of money and I put it all together. I lowered my dosage on my anxiety medicine which was a big step for me in my life. Then I got sick with strep and had to stay in my room for 2 days, which was Easter weekend. Then I got better but the last week of April, I got strep again and missed school for 3 days and nobody contacted me. Nobody asked if I was okay or where I was so that showed a lot. 


Yay! The last month of school, I can’t be happier because I honestly hated this school year. The first week of May really destroyed me because my dresser stopped working and I was angry. I fixed it though and now I am no longer stressed with my dresser but I am getting mentally drained from school and work. 


So this was my sophomore year review. Let me tell you, it was a terrible school year with a little spice.