Summer as a Christian Girl


Savannah Birch



Don’t you love summer? It’s amazing how God made these beautiful trees and flowers that prospered. Now let me tell you I am going to be enjoying my summer as a Christian. Here are my 3 ways of wanting to grow my relationship with God!


  1. Start reading the Bible every day 

One thing I really want to get back into as my daily routine is to read the Bible every day. I feel more empowered and calm when I read the Word of God. I want to do a scripture study every Thursday for 2 hours and spend reading the Bible for 1 hour every morning and 1 hour every night. 


  1. Make every Sunday God’s Day

So I usually work every Sunday but I want to take that day off to spend time with my Heavenly Father. My plans are to wake up early to wear a beautiful dress to attend Church, sit outside and relax, read the Bible, and spend time with my family. 


  1. Change my ways 

I want to change up some of the things I do. I want to stop using bad words, stop making impulsive decisions, start taking care of my body, and keep my environment clean and positive. 


These are my 3 ways of wanting to grow my relationship with God in the summer. I want to make a routine that is healthy and will help me grow into a stronger person too.