My Tattoo Ideas

Savannah Birch

Disclaimer: Please do not get a tattoo until you are of legal age or have permission from your parents. Make sure to spend time thinking about what you want on your body and to make sure you are being safe. 


Yes, I am only 16 but I have many tattoo ideas and I already have 1. Tattoos aren’t for everyone but they are definitely for me. I would like to share my ideas with you guys!


My First Tattoo- age 16

My first tattoo is Angel Wings with the word “mom” in the middle and the dates of her birth and death diagonal on the wings. It is placed on my left forearm and it’s pretty big. 


My Second Tattoo- age 16

My second tattoo will be the moon with roses over it and the stars. I want this one because the moon holds a close meaning to my heart and the roses hold a close meaning too. I will have the roses colored in red and green. It will be on the upper left wing of my back. 

My Third Tattoo- age 17

My third tattoo will be the saying “I love you to the moon and back” on the outer side of my arm. My mom always said this to me and it’s a very important saying to me so I want that by my mom’s tattoo. 

My Fourth Tattoo- age 17

My fourth tattoo will be the saying “Always and Forever” across my right collarbone. I want this tattoo because I always say “Always and Forever” and my family says it too so I want this one. 

My Fifth Tattoo- age 18

My fifth tattoo will be a cross with roses on my right forearm. I want this tattoo because it represents my Faith and it will be the start of my sleeve on my right arm. 

My Sixth Tattoo- age 17 or 18

My sixth tattoo will be a big flower with mountains, rivers, and stars in the background. I will be putting this on my left thigh because I really want a thigh tattoo and my thigh is big enough for this to look good on. 

My Seventh Tattoo- age 18

My seventh tattoo will be the saying “You are my sunshine”, on my left rib cage. 

My Eighth Tattoo- age 18 

My eighth tattoo will be red butterflies wrapping around my lower right leg to my foot. I want this tattoo because I love butterflies and I really want a red tattoo.