My Top 3 Desserts and Why

My Top 3 Desserts and Why

Sammy Saiki

Ah, desserts. The frequently tasty and sweet treats that most enjoy after dinner, but hey, I’m not judging. But what desserts rank the highest? Here are my top three desserts of all time and why you should probably agree with me. 

  1. Ice-cream 

        One can never go wrong with ice-cream. The delicious, creamy, frozen snack is not only perfect for any occasion but the variety is wild. Think of every ice-cream flavor you can right now. Right? There are so many others, you are bound to find something you like eventually. One point docked because I’m lactose intolerant but when has that ever stopped me? 


           Okay, this one is for sure arguable. Donuts can be defined as a breakfast food depending on who you ask, but in this house, it’s a dessert. I think the main reason I enjoy them so much is because of the hole right smack in the middle. It makes everything so much more exciting and you can even wear them which I support completely. 


          Cake. What comes to mind when you read the word “cake”? Birthdays? Celebrations? Anything fun basically? Exactly my point. Now, I know a lot of people have bad experiences with cake whether they’ve gotten food poisoning or it’s just too dry, but put an attractive cake in front of anyone I promise you they will eat it. Plus one point for being big and allowing for the person to have any decoration they please on it.


        Overall, my top 3 desserts of all time include: ice-cream, donuts, and cake, and if you disagree with me even after this, you are simply incorrect.