The Start of Track and Field 2023


Rosie Garcia

Track and Field has finally started and each athlete has been putting in a tremendous amount of hard work into each practice. Pre-season previously started on January 9th and finally kicked off the season on February 27th. Between last season to this one, there has been quite a few changes with the coaching staff. Vaughn stepped down as coach and Smyth took over, which greatly impacted the students. Smyth is very known at the school for being a math teacher so many people were excited to have in as a coach in the sport they loved. 

“The transition between coaches has been very different. Vaughan was someone who had been with the program for a while, so learning Smyths way of coaching was quite different. But change is always a good thing and is helping me grow as an athlete and individual,” said Junior Taylor Anderson. 

“I actually love the new coach. He is so sweet and very organized.  I’m a thrower so I run a few laps then work on footwork, stretch, throw” – Sophomore Norah Little 

The first meet will take place Friday, March 10th. Many students expressed the excitement and stress they encountered due to these competitions. To prepare, athletes require a lot of cardio endurance, but also agility training to work on footwork and building muscle. There are many categories in which they apply this training. For example, there are 100, 200, and 400 sprints, long jumps, throwing (shot put/discus), hurdles, and pull vaults. Although practices are long and tedious, there are many amazing friendships and memories made on the team. Both Taylor Anderson and Norah Little have expressed that the connections made on the team are one of their favorite things about being in Track. 


Overall, the start of the Track and Field season has been a huge success! These athletes have worked so hard and there is no doubt they will come out on top!