The Bad Batch or the Dad Batch?


Erika Lewis



Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Bad Batch Season Two episodes 11-16. Read with caution!


Our continued adventure started in January and now this month is when the season comes to an end. There were some good times and there were some very sad times. The question remains however, if these final episodes will make the show take a turn for the better or the worst. The question on everyone’s lips is what is going to happen to the Bad Batch, and will loose strings be tied. I suppose only time will be able to answer all these questions. These final episodes were an emotional roller coaster however, so I hope you’re holding on tight. 



Episode 11 definitely started the month off strong. In this episode we have a chance to see a Zillo Beast. For those who don’t remember what this is, it’s a creature that first appeared in the Clone Wars TV show. The monster attacked Coruscant and caused terror for everyone. At the end of those episodes, Chancellor Palpatine had instructed scientists to take the Zillo Beast and clone it. The monster had impenetrable armor and Palpatine that could be used to make armor for soldiers.  

The other thing we saw in the episode was the return of Nala Se and, surprisingly, Lama Su. Last time we saw both of them was back in season one. Until now it was heavily implied that Lama Su had been killed, but apparently not. He mentions that Omega still needs to be captured and I wished he had been killed. I really hate this guy. 

Overall I would give this episode 7.5/10. Although the episode was fun, it was actually terrifying and there was at least one jump scare. At one in the morning that was just way too much for me. Other than that it was great, but it might be a personality quirk. I don’t like being scared so early in the morning. It’s not fun. 


The Outpost

Episode 12 is one that I don’t think that I’m ever going to emotionally recover from. It was the return of Crosshair which was amazing, however that was the only joyful thing. Crosshair accompanies some imperials to an outpost that apparently had some important supplies that they weren’t successfully protecting. There he meets a trio of clones who happened to be the only survivors left. The commander of this group, and the one in charge, was named Mayday. After the other two clones with Mayday died, he and Crosshair quickly bonded over the fact that they were without their squad. 

Halfway through the episode, Mayday sacrifices himself to save Crosshair from an avalanche. It was interesting to see Crosshair be so worried about him since he never really liked “regular clones”. He definitely got some character development there. Once Crosshair and Mayday make it back to the outpost, Mayday dies and Crosshair gets visibly upset with the imperial officer. It’s then that the officer tells Crosshair that all clones are expendable. This particular part reminded me of something from the Clone Wars TV show. In one of the episodes some of the clones tell Plo Koon that as clones they’re meant to be expendable and Plo Koon tells them “not to me”. Hearing this officer say that the clones are expendable made me very sad. Fortunately, Crosshair kills the officer so all is well… for the most part. 

Overall I would definitely give this episode a 10/10. I really enjoyed seeing Crosshair get some heavy character development. I also really enjoyed meeting Mayday, even though he died, because he reminded me a lot of Captain Rex. This episode is honestly one of my favorite episodes in the entire season even though it left me in emotional tatters. 



Episode 13 was surprisingly laid back. In the episode the Bad Batch is accompanying Phee on a mission where she’s trying to retrieve an ancient artifact. Once it’s achieved, the batch goes with Phee to a remote planet called Pabu. While on the way there, they get a message from Cid. To sum up what she said, Cid reminded the Bad Batch that she has information that she can use against them if they don’t come back. Basically she is hard core threatening the group. Fortunately the group doesn’t mind and isn’t worried. Matter of fact, the drama with Cid wasn’t mentioned for the rest of the episode.

Overall this episode was pretty short and sweet and there isn’t too much to say about it. Some highlights in my mind consist of: Hunter being a great dad, Omega made a friend, and I think Tech is starting to develop feelings for Phee. I would give this episode an 8/10. It was really nice to see the Bad Batch having a good time and was a nice breath of fresh air.


Tripping Point

Just as I suspected these last few episodes were quite the emotional rollercoaster for fans. Episode 14 started off great. Rex, Gregor, and Echo rescued Captain Howzer from the Empire. For those who don’t remember, Howzer is from season 1. He stood up against the Empire and was then arrested because of that. Since then, fans had been anxiously awaiting his rescue, and we finally got that. 

However, after this first part, the emotional trauma began. We see Crosshair on Tantiss and he’s not having a great time. The Empire is torturing Crosshair in hopes that he reveals the Bad Batch’s location, which he doesn’t know. After not giving away the information the Empire takes a break and Crosshair attempts to escape from them. However, he wasn’t actually trying to escape. Instead he goes to contact the Bad Batch and warn them that the Empire is continuing the search for Omega. 

After we witnessed that whole ordeal we get to see Echo reunite with the Bad Batch. That was really heartwarming. However, it didn’t stay that way for long. The Batch then discusses the message from Crosshair and none of them trust it. This frustrated me personally because I think they should trust Crosshair but it makes sense why they wouldn’t. 

Overall I would give this episode 10/10. If I could give it higher I would because it was phenomenal but alas I must contain myself. 


The Summit

The final episodes were definitely a punch in the gut for almost everyone. They started out seemingly fine with the Batch just creating a plan to rescue Crosshair. However, it didn’t go as well as they had planned. The batch decided to sneak into a conference that Doctor Hemlock was at so they could have the hope of tracking him back to Crosshair. They had to use codes to sneak past and according to Echo they were supplied by a contact of Rex. The only person I can think of that would provide such codes is Commander Cody, but sadly he never made an appearance. 

Moving forward. While at the conference there were several things mentioned that foreshadowed future events in Star Wars. The first was talking about how mastering cloning is very important to Palpatine. We know that Palps comes back in the Rise of Skywalker as a clone. Because of that several shows, including the Bad Batch, have been building up to how that was possible. Another thing that was mentioned at the conference was Project Stardust which is supervised by Director Krennic. For those who don’t know, Project Stardust is the construction of the Death Star. It’s more important in Rogue One, but it was cool to hear it mentioned. 

Overall I would give this episode 10/10. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. However, it is nothing like the final episode.


Plan 99

There is nothing in this world that could have prepared me for this episode or the events that occurred. It started off with Tech dying. He sacrificed himself to save the rest of the batch. We learned what Plan 99 was and it was sacrificing yourself to save the rest of the squad. It was rough to say the least. The rest of the episode only went downhill from there. After Tech’s death the rest of the Batch got into a huge explosion and they all almost died. They then went back to visit Cid so that AZI could help Omega. Unsurprisingly she turned them into the Empire. 

As if the episode wasn’t sad enough, the Empire captured Omega as well. It was painful to watch the remaining Batch members (Hunter, Wrecker, and Echo) react to the fact that they’ve lost half of their squad. We thought the episode would end there, but we were thrown for a loop at the end. Apparently there is another female clone. It was shocking for that reveal especially because we’ll have to wait for season 3 to know more. 

I would give this episode a 10/10. Despite the heartache I wouldn’t have asked for a better ending to the season. 

Although it is sad that The Bad Batch season 2 has come to an end, I anxiously await season 3. Overall I would give season 9.5/10. It would be a full 10/10 but I’m salty that Commander Cody was so hyped up and then only showed up once. We aren’t sure when season 3 will be coming out, but until then, may the force be with you.