My Opinion On Dunks

My Opinion On Dunks

Anahy Tena

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Nike Dunks are one of the most popular shoes that are being used by many people. Many people style Dunks with street wear or high fashion. These shoes have a variety of colors that can match with anything. I personally think that these shoes are cute and easy to match with tons of outfits. However they are more on the pricey side. 

Many people use this website called ¨StockX¨ and it’s where you can buy shoes for a cheaper price. The shoes on there are people who sell shoes, some of these are used but you can buy them for cheaper and still good quality. This website also allows you to make bids on shoes. 

I think that the price of these shoes sometimes are too expensive for me but I know that they have these prices due to the limited editions and high demand. However I do love these shoes because of how many outfits you can match with these shoes and I would have a collection if it wasn’t so expensive but I would suggest these shoes!