Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion

Anahy Tena 

Fast Fashion is one of the main reasons for our global carbon emissions. Some of the biggest fast fashion companies are Shein, Fashion Nova, H&M, Zara, and many more. 

You might think that buying clothes can seem like no harm but it’s harming the world because some people buy clothes while they’re trendy but when they’re no longer trendy then they get rid of that clothes. 

For example, Shein is a fast-fashion company. They are known for cheap clothes, they use cheap labor. A ton of people are also against the working conditions. 

Fast Fashion is harming the environment and people are buying these clothes from these companies because they´re cheap and because they go with the latest trend. If you’ve ever been thrifting you will see a lot of these stores in that thrift store. I personally have been to a thrift store and I’ve seen many Shein or Forever 21 or H&M in there. Just because the trend is over does not mean that it’s not harming the environment.