2023 Oscars Gift Bags

2023 Oscars Gift Bags

Emily Eigenbrode

News about the 2023 Oscars gift bags have been released!


The Academy Awards are this Sunday, March 12th. The Oscars celebrates the biggest achievements in film and is among one of the most prestigious awards an actor or film can receive. Winning an Oscar is a huge life achievement, so when nominees fail to take the statue home, they still get an amazing swag bag. 


This will be the 21st consecutive year the company Distinctive Assets distributes the extremely expensive gift bags to certain nominees. The 2022 gift bag was with over $137,000, including a $12,000 gift voucher for liposuction. Not everyone will get this bag; however, stars like Austin Butler, Steven Spielburg, and Ana De Armas will receive the bag. 


What’s in the Bag?

Employees of the company started to package up the bags back in early August. The first gift announced was a woodland escape to Ottawa, Canada. Celebrities would get to enjoy a 10-acre property featuring a swimming pool and many other luxuries. They will also have access to a sports car if they want to do things in town. Celebrities will also be receiving an Italian escape to the volcanic island Ischia, Campanian ($9,000).


The gift bag includes products from at least 60 brands, ranging from beauty products to an Italian getaway.


 Some of the beauty products include:

  • Ariadne Athenes Skin Wellness Bath Ritual Set 
  • Bauman Medical Hair Restoration Services 
  • NaturGeeks Functional Wellness Immunity Boost
  • Art Lipo Body Sculpting ($12,000)
  • Oxygenetix ($12,000)
  • Anti Aging Treatments from New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Konstantin ($10,000)
  • Hair Treatments ($7,000)


Some of the food items include: 

  • Opopop Microwave Popcorn Kernels
  • The Beauty Tea Company Limited Edition All Natural Tea Collection
  • CLIF Thin Snacks 
  • Ysidro Canned Sake Spritz 


Miscellaneous items include: 

  • Home renovation by Maison Construction which is valued at $25,000. 

Brands will pay around $4000 to reserve a spot in the bag in hopes that a celebrity will bring attention to it in their social media. However, there is no guarantee that the celebrity will do this for the company. 

The Oscars are a very prestigious award show, so it only makes sense that their gift bags are also some of the best in the game. Only a certain amount of celebrities will receive this insanely expensive gift bag filled with some of the best beauty items, procedures, and even a couple of vacations.