Horizon Does Pre-Season


Rosie Garcia

Photo: @horizonhawksad


The Horizon High School’s Girls Soccer Team has worked extremely hard to prepare for the upcoming season. Toward the very beginning of preseason, they were given workouts to complete in order to check their conditioning as well as get ready for preseason practices and tryouts. To get ready for the extensive games, the girls’ soccer team has also been doing a lot of technical and tactical workouts. This ensures that they focus highly on their footwork and build up their endurance. These practices also consist of ladders, running, technical work, small-sided games as well as full field games. Tryouts for girls’ soccer are currently taking place from February 27-March 1 and each girl is required to be there. Scrimmages to prepare for tryouts have also been implemented. In these scrimmages, both J.V. and Varsity play against each other, towards the end of practice or on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm on the HHS turf. Overall, this pre-season has been a huge success! Horizon is so excited to see these girls in action and watch all their hard work pay off.