The Mandalorian’s Grand Return


Erika Lewis



Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers for the Mandalorian season 3. Proceed with caution.


After waiting a little over two years, the Mandalorian has finally returned to Disney+. On March 1st, season three started streaming on Disney+. This season has honestly been so anticipated, but the question is will it be good? There are a couple of things left from season two and The Book of Boba Fett that need resolving, but how will it be executed? Fans are dying to see how this will be tackled and if this season will be as good as the previous two. 


As most people know, whether they watch the show or not, the Mandalorian is about a Mandalorian who has taken on the role of father for a young child known as Grogu (or Baby Yoda). The two go on several adventures as Mando first tries to keep Grogu safe from the Empire and then tries to find someone to train him. Season 3 is about Mando restoring his honor after he removed his helmet in front of others which is strictly against his creed. 

Although only a couple episodes of the show have been released so far, I have high hopes for this coming season. There is a wonderful mixture of banter and action. It’s everything like the first two seasons but with more emotional depth as well. We’ve really been having a great chance to see the father and son relationship that is forming between Din Djarin and Grogu. And it’s being heavily emphasized in the show as well with Bo Katan going as far as asking Grogu “did you really think your dad was the only Mandalorian?” 

Speaking of Bo Katan she has also been making several appearances and quickly becoming a more essential character in the show. Originally a lot of people theorized that Bo Katan was going to be the main bad guy in the show, but we’re learning that’s probably not the case. She’s even gone so far as saving Din’s life not once, but twice. Clearly she isn’t against Din Djarin here. I’ve definitely enjoyed seeing her in live actions and especially seeing her interactions with both Din and Grogu. There was one point when she mentions to Grogu that despite what Grogu might have been told the Jedi and Mandalorians used to be friends. Bo Katan even mentions she’s encountered a fair share of Jedi. Of course she’s referring to her interactions with Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra. 

Something I personally found interesting with Bo Katan is that when she’s talking to Mando about her family, she mentions her father but not her sister. For those who don’t know, Bo Katan had a sister named Satine who was the duchess of Mandalore during the Clone Wars. Satine was murdered by Darth Maul which is what inspired Bo Katan to leave Death Watch and then strive to recapture Mandalore. I just thought it was interesting that despite Satine’s strong role in Bo Katan’s decision, she is not mentioned. I’m hoping sometime she will be, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

Something else I’ve really liked about this season of the Mandalorian is that we’re finally seeing Mandalore in live action. Previous to this, we see Mandalore in both Clone Wars and Rebels. In Clone Wars it’s quite prosperous, but in Rebels we see what the Empire has truly done to the place. For years fans have wanted to see the infamous planet shown in live action and now we finally have. I’ll tell you, it didn’t disappoint. 

Even though the show isn’t even close to being over, I can definitely tell that it’ll be a great season. So far I give it a 10/10 and I cannot wait to see what will happen next. I definitely encourage that if you enjoyed the first two seasons of the show then you tune back in for season 3. It’ll be exciting to see what other characters show up and what past events might be mentioned. Only time will tell and but until we know, may the force be with you!