Rosie Garcia

Photo: @horizon.wrestle


The Horizon High School Boys Wrestling Team headed to State on February 17th, 2023. Jackson Scott, Camden Neil, and Jordan Harris were all very excited to go into one of their last matches of the season. It was a bittersweet moment for these wrestling boys and taking part in such a program was very special to them.


In an interview with 2 of the wrestling boys, both players shared their experiences and the excitement they had for the competition: 

  •  Was this your first time going to state? 
  •  “Yes, this was my first time going to state” – Camden Neil 
  •  “Yes” – Jordan Harris 
  • Going into your match, what was your thought process – Were you nervous? Excited? 
  • “Going into my match, I was nervous and excited, but when I got onto the mat all my nerves went away and it was like any other match.” – Camden Neil
  • “Nervous and excited” – Jordan Harris 
  • What was needed to do to prepare for Wrestling State?
  • “I was already prepared for the state, it was just a matter of staying focused” – Camden Neil
  • “Lots of practice and dedication” – Jordan Harris 
  • What’s a memory that will stay with you forever? 
  • “A memory from state I’ll have is the atmosphere and how large the arena was compared to a high school gym” – Camden Neil 
  • Making it to state in my 2nd year of wrestling” – Jordan Harris 


Overall, the boys had a great experience and an amazing season. They cannot wait to continue their hard work next year!