Religion vs Athlete


Savannah Birch


Being an athlete comes with a lot of stress but how do religious people include their beliefs in their games or meets? We don’t talk about people interacting with their religion while participating in a sport. I interviewed some athletes asking “How do you include your religion in your sports? Do you think religion is a big part of how you do in your sport?



Varsity Football Player David Sanchez says “I always pray before games and ask for help through challenges I may have. I do think religion plays a big part in how I do in my sport because I believe God gives me talent and protection while I play.” 



Varsity Cheerleader Rosie Garcia says, “I include religion in my sport by thanking God for giving me the chance to play and then based on the outcome I also thank him. I play extra hard just to make others proud and to thank God for allowing me to play.” 



Varsity Wrestler Keegan Marosy says “I include my religion in my sport by thinking how God is always watching the way I wrestle. I think it is a big part because you always know no matter if you win or lose that God is always there for you” 

Religion can play a big role in someone’s athletic journey. The few people I asked had almost the same answers, thanking God for their performance. I feel that everyone has their own way of expressing their religion in their sports.