Cheer: Our First Wrestling Game at Horizon High School


Rosie Garcia

Horizon Cheer has always been very involved in the athletics and clubs occurring at the school. This school year, they got the opportunity to cheer at the home wrestling matches. Cheer has put in a lot of hard work and effort into learning more about the sport and learning brand new cheers. After several weeks of practice, Horizon Cheer was ready for their first game! 


The Day of the Match 


To support the wrestling match, the cheer team wears their game-day uniforms or dresses up with the other players. This is a really good way of spreading awareness about the match and can help gain a bigger student section. The Horizon cheerleaders meet at the school an hour before the match will start and begin to prepare for their night of spiriting. They go over cheers and warm-up stunts to make sure they’re prepared and confident. As this is the first time Horizon Cheer has supported the wrestling team, they had a hard time understanding what was going on and oftentimes had to ask one another. However, after a while, they were able to execute their cheers and chants and got the student section pumped. 

“It was a game full of adrenaline and excitement and I’m so excited to cheer at more wrestling events,” says cheerleader Ally Fancher. 


To Future Wrestling Matches 


After the match was over, they all thanked the wrestling team and coaches for allowing them to cheer at the event and support the team. It was a very successful first game and Horizon Cheer is already preparing to make it an even better night for the next games to come.