Disney’s Dabble Into the Paranormal

Disney’s Dabble Into the Paranormal

Erika Lewis



Recently Disney+ added a new show that people can start streaming. Originally made in 2010, My Ghost Story has been reintroduced to everyone. I just so happened to stumble upon it while scrolling through things to watch and it definitely caught my attention. In short the show is a series of people describing their personal Ghost Stories and their first experiences with ghosts and paranormal activity. As someone who takes an interest in this stuff, I decided to take a look. 


Whenever I watch shows like this I always feel a little skeptical because it’s very easy to fake things like the paranormal. Pictures and videos can easily be edited. However, I’m here just as much for the thrill as well as the content. With this in mind, I started watching the first episode. 

When I started watching the episode it was late at night, and that was probably my first mistake. Although there were no jump scares, watching stuff like that always tends to put me on edge. I was actually starting to drift off when suddenly my google home voice went off and started talking about something with a God of Death. I was a little spooked, but figured that it might have been triggered by something said so I went back to the episode. To my horror and confusion there was nothing about any Gods or Goddesses of death. Google was just going off I guess. 

The other spooky thing in these first couple episodes that happened was google went off again. It didn’t say anything, but it just lit up for a while as if someone was talking to it. That creeped me out a little. However, I don’t know if that can be tied directly to the show or just that my house is haunted. Either way the ghost seemed inspired by the show and he went out and did something. 

Something that I did enjoy about the show was the stories that people were telling. Whether they were real or fake they were very spooky nonetheless. As someone who believes in the paranormal, I decided to give all of the people the benefit of the doubt and believed their stories. 

Something that I found very amusing and interesting is the amount of ghosts that are brides who got stood up on their wedding day and then killed themselves. Is this really so big of a problem that an eighth of the ghosts haunting society are depressed brides? I know it’s not particularly funny, but a lot, and I mean a lot, of the ghosts in the stories were sad brides. 

Some of the most believable stories were the ones about places like mortuaries, deserted war bunkers, and prisons. I’ve heard lots of stories about spooky things that happen in those places and it makes sense because there is a lot of death there. 

Overall I thought that the show was pretty fascinating. It gave me the small bit of thrill that I expected when I started watching it. Overall I’m going to give it an 8/10. Although it was interesting, there were some pictures shown, and some stories told, that could easily be explained. That or some pictures looked a little like they’d been edited. Despite that I definitely encourage anyone interested in the paranormal to watch the show, it’s pretty spooky.