Are Dupes Worth It?

Are Dupes Worth It?

Anahy Tena

9 Lululemon Dupes That Will Shock You!


“Think smarter, not Harder¨

There’s this thing called dupes that’s been trending on TikTok recently. For example, let’s say you find a cute Lululemon jacket that costs $118 but you find something very similar on amazon that costs $30 that would be called a dupe. Recently the word ¨dupe¨ has been going around TikTok comparing real and fake goods and the prices differences between them.


Dupes include everything, not just clothing, they can also include makeup, shoes, water bottles, etc. For clothing ¨Dupes¨ are very helpful because if you don’t want to pay the original price you can get something that’s cheaper in the same quality. 


I personally love dupes and have bought clothes that are cheaper but look the same as the original price and it’s very beneficial because it saves me money and is affordable and cute all at the same time! I would definitely recommend checking out dupes if you don’t want to pay the full price.