The World Cup: Argentina For The Win


Nadiya Romo

Lionel Messi holds the FIFA trophy after winning the World Cup


The FIFA 2022 World Cup took place in Qatar beginning on November 30, 2022, with the championship game being held on December 18, 2022. This FIFA World Cup has been significantly different compared to the other ones. But regardless of the controversy and drama, the soccer fans were ready for a battle. Some of the favored teams to win the 2022 World Cup were France (who are defending champions), Brazil, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal. 


Fans were praying that the championship game would be a face off between the two G.O.A.T’S of soccer, Cristano Ronaldo who is a forward for the Portugal national team, and Lionel Messi who is the star forward for the Argentinian national team. These two players have been idolized as one of the best in soccer history. This World Cup would be their last as they are planning to retire before the next World Cup rolls around. While Cristiano Ronaldo did not live out his dream of winning a World Cup, Lionel Messi did and Argentina are the champions of the world! 


The championship game was played between France, who were the defending champions from the last world cup, and the three time champions Argentina. To say the championship game was a nail biter would be an understatement. Argentina led 2-0 at halftime with Lionel Messi and Di Maria putting points on the board. In the 80th minute, the uprising forward Kylian Mbappe scored the first goal for France. It is now a foot race, Argentina hoping to defend for the next 10 minutes to clench the world champion title. Not even 90 seconds later, Kylian Mbappe scores the second goal for France tying the game. Now France and Argentina are fighting to get a third goal before the 90 minutes is up. After the end of regular time, the teams go into the first extra time period, which is 15 minutes. Throughout the period, various substitutions are made to prepare for the rest of extra time and a possible penalty shootout. At the 108th minute mark, Lionel Messi caps his second goal of the night putting Argentina ahead 3-2. But Kylian Mbappe answers and scores France’s third goal during the 118th minute of the game. At the end of the extra time, the game is tied 3-3 which means the two teams had to go into a penalty shootout. Everyone watching and playing are on their toes as the next couple minutes will determine who the winner is. 


The penalty shootout begins with Lionel Messi taking the first penalty kick of the shootout. Fans were on the edge of their seats as each player stepped up to kick the ball. Kylian Mbappe took the third shot for his team, which put him in the lead for most goals scored in the tournament. However, it wasn’t enough. Argentina won in a 4-2 lead in penalty kicks. It sure was a fight to the end. Lionel Messi ends his World Cup career by winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Congratulations Argentina!