A Horse At Horizon?


Emily Eigenbrode

On Wednesday, Jordan Kellogg brought her horse to school. You heard that right she brought a horse to school. However, she didn’t just randomly decide to bring her horse one day, a lot more went into it. 


In the senior SOAR classes, they have been doing their job shadow presentations. Students for months have been going on their job shadows doing anything from physical therapy to teaching. Students had many triumphs with the shadow and many struggled as finding people could be extremely hard, especially if they wanted to go into a field such as medicine where HIPPA rules are put into place. But overall, the members did really well and most were able to get into extremely cool places and have fun experiences. Students have been doing their presentations for almost a month now and they are starting to reach the end. There have been many cool presentations, but nothing beats bringing a horse to school. Kellogg had to go through many steps to get this approved, but she was ultimately able to get it approved, which was a surprise to many. 


She ended up bringing the whole class outside near the teacher’s parking lot, where she gave her presentation on horse therapy. Her parents were there along with the principal and several other teachers who were curious about what was going on. Her presentation was a really cool experience, and it was definitely one to remember.  


Members are looking forward to what will come next as the presentations slowly start to come to an end.