Damar Hamlinś Unfortunate Injury


Nadiya Romo

Damar Hamlin posts on social media after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field  


What was supposed to be a night of rivalry between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills quickly turned into a night of complete disaster. Monday, January 2, 2023 was an important game for both NFL teams in deciding the playoff picture. However, in the first quarter of the game, Damar Hamlin, a Bills safety, collapsed after making a routine tackle. Medical professions were on the field tending to Hamlin within 10 seconds of him collapsing on the ground. He was administered CPR for around 10 minutes. His heartbeat was restored on the field after flatlining. 


This event quickly took social media and the prayers began to come in. It seemed as though the entire NFL community went quiet, praying for Damar Hamlin. Damar Hamlin was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center by ambulance. At this point, the game had been temporarily suspended. Players and viewers were unsure if they would resume playing the game. Around 9:28 pm, the players and coaching staff walked to their designated locker rooms to regroup themselves from what they just saw. It wasn’t until 10:05 pm that the cancellation of the game was announced to everyone. At 1:48 am, the hospital confirmed Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and remains in critical condition. Fans from both teams gathered outside the hospital with candles, praying for Damar Hamlin. Although this was a traumatic experience that no one wants to happen, the large amount of support and unity, reflects the love people have for each other regardless of the team. 


On January 3, Damar Halmin’s uncle made a statement regarding his nephew’s status. He told the media that Hamlin remains sedated in the ICU and was on a ventilator but has improved from 100% oxygen needed to 50%. He also stated that Hamlin was resuscitated twice, once on the field and the other at the hospital. On January 7, Damar posted on Instagram and Twitter regarding his recovery and asking for continued prayers. 


As of January 9, Damar is awake and has talked to his team via facetime and zoom. The Bills took the field for the first time since the accident yesterday. They paid a tribute to Hamlin wearing the number 3 on their jerseys and running out of the tunnel with flags with his name on it. However, the tributes continued to pour in across the NFL. Denver Broncos quarterback, Russel Wilson and Los Angeles Chargers safety, Derwin James Jr. both met in the middle of the field before the game to pray for Damar. They are both number 3. Moreover, the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs had a moment of silence before the game and prayed for Hamlin. 


It is an understatement to say that the past week in the NFL and sports community has been unified. There have been no “rivalries” or “teams”. But rather all the teams, players, coaches, and viewers were unified as one. It is remarkable to see the support and prayers come from people for Damar. Prayers for Damar Hamlin.