Thanksgiving Traditions


Savannah Birch



Everyone has a favorite holiday that occurs throughout the year but mine is Thanksgiving. Of course, I love Christmas and the Fourth of July but Thanksgiving is very different for me. Now let me tell you about my routine every year on Thanksgiving!



As soon as I wake up, which is usually around 10 am, I go straight to the bathroom and start the shower. I tell everyone good morning and then I proceed on my morning routine of brushing my teeth and hair, hydrating myself, a 30-minute shower, and then sitting in my towel for another hour without helping my Grandmother make the food. Usually an hour after my shower, I decide to find cute jeans, a red or brown shirt, black socks, and put my white shoes on. 

I guess I could walk downstairs and somewhat help cook or clean but I just spectate the kitchen because my Grandma never lets me cook anyways. Then, I get bored so I go back up to my room and lay down or watch Netflix until everyone arrives for dinner. 



It is now around 1:30 pm and most of the family has shown up. When I say most I mean 2 people at the most. I finally decided to go downstairs and join the others for 5 minutes of eating and then 5 hours of talking. 

At the table is, mac and cheese, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie, brownies, ice cream, fruit punch, water, soda, and that one item. Honestly, I only eat mac and cheese because I am not a big fan of meat or any of the other stuff so my dinner goes by super fast. I sit in the back by the window because that is my spot for every occasion no matter what. 



After the feast, I go to the living room with my brother or go out to the stores for Black Friday Shopping. But this year was very different, we did not have much family for Thanksgiving so we had friends over instead. We didn’t really do anything except play basketball and hang out. After basketball, I went to my room and finished the book I was reading because I knew I had work the next day at 9 am. Once I finished my book, I turned on Netflix to watch “The Flash” and then my brother’s girlfriend came over and watched it with me. 

This year definitely did not feel like Thanksgiving and it’s sad but the more I get older the more I realize that life is changing every second of every day. 


That was my Thanksgiving this year! I hoped you liked my routine of almost every Thanksgiving. 


Happy Christmas!