How To Prepare Yourself For The Holidays

How To Prepare Yourself For The Holidays

Anahy Tena

Holidays can sometimes be gloomy and not rainbows and butterflies for people and even seasonal depression can get the best of us but hopefully, reading this article can help you get more prepared or in the mood for these upcoming holidays. 


These are some of the things that have helped me in the last couple of years: 


Don’t Compare: Don’t compare your holidays to other people. An example of this is if someone is traveling for the holidays and you’re not, don’t compare yourself. You can still have an amazing holiday without traveling. 


Holiday Movies: These have helped me so much and have set the tone for all of the upcoming holidays. Just sitting down and watching Christmas movies has helped me get excited and in the mood. 


Holiday drinks: Holiday drinks play a big role in helping prepare myself for the holidays. Starbucks has the best holiday drinks such as peppermint drinks, sugar cookies, brown sugar, and hot cocoa. An inexpensive way because Starbucks can be expensive is to make holiday drinks at home. 


Hanging out with loved ones: This is a must for me, just hanging with the people I love most and wrapping gifts just makes me excited to spend the holidays with them.


Self Care: Sometimes the holidays can be overwhelming and a little too much so I like to take the time and do a facemask, chat with my best friends, do things I like, Journal, or maybe a nap. Taking care of yourself, especially during the holidays, is a must. 


Take it day by day: A Lot of people struggle from the holidays because maybe they’ve lost a loved one, are struggling with finances, and other reasons. But just be kind to yourself and to others. 


Overall these are the things that have helped me during the holidays when things can get overwhelming.