Savannah’s 2022 Recap


Savannah Birch


It’s almost the new year! 2023 is just around the corner and there is lots to say about the previous year. 2022 was honestly a year of learning experiences and I had a lot of growing up to do. 



I was a 15-year-old freshman excelling in school. I was very passionate about school, managing the basketball team, and deciding if I should join the lacrosse team as a player or manager. I had just gotten my permit so I was learning that new part of adulthood which I honestly hate. Driving is so boring and only needed when you need to be somewhere, I could never drive around for fun because that is terrible. 



I decided to join the lacrosse team as a manager because I wanted to learn more before playing. Nothing really interesting happened this month because it’s such a boring month. 



I was fully dedicated to the lacrosse team and school. I was happy and enjoying my life. Again March was not so interesting because it was just another month. 



I had one more month of school and started getting stressed about my finals. This month also landed on my mother’s birthday which is never an easy day to experience. Yes, I was happy but I still struggled with the loss of my mom. I was still close to God and started reading the Bible more than ever because I needed to learn to accept everything. 



This month was stressful and hard because of the school finals and it was the month my mom passed away. It definitely changed me into a different person when I scored 100% on my English/Government finals which made me really proud of myself. Summer finally started and I decided to do summer weight training for lacrosse. My life was changing by the second! 



I was still doing 6 am workouts and my body and mindset were changing. I became more confident and determined in the person I was. The life I was creating for myself helped me know that my mom would be so proud of me. I went on a vacation with my best friend and her family in Breckinridge which was the most beautiful place I’ve been yet. I might actually move there when I’m older! I spent almost every day with my best friend either at her house or at my house. Her family became mine and mine became hers. Even though I hated her for convincing me to do weight training. 



I was still working out but on the Fourth of July, my best friend, my grandma, my brother, and his 3 friends went to Las Vegas. We stayed at a resort that my family stayed at once with my uncle. That’s actually one of the last memories I have with him before he passed away too. It was very relaxing and nice to be somewhere with my family. Yes, I consider my friends my family. This was the month of summer and I had the best time but it was as fun as the summer of 2020. On the last day of summer workouts, my best friend and I decided to skip it because why not. 



School was around the corner and football had started. I was the varsity manager. I love being able to be on the field with my brother knowing that he knows I am proud of him. Our mom wanted him to play football so me being on the field with him helps me think that she is there with him too. But this month was the start of something. Sophomore year started and I already hated it. It was too stressful and too much. 



School wasn’t fun anymore and I wasn’t enjoying learning at all. I stopped writing for myself and that’s when I knew I was changing. I never thought I was going to feel that sadness again but I did. I wasn’t happy with how I was doing in school but I still kept my Word with God. Homecoming was this month and it was fun but also wasn’t at the same time. 



I turned 16 this month! I was sick on my birthday and that whole week but I got the best birthday gift ever. Ever since I was little I always told my grandma I was going to get a tattoo for my mom no matter what. After sketching and searching, I scheduled an appointment and got my first tattoo. The tear going down my cheek wasn’t because of the pain but it was the emotional pain I was feeling in the moment. Watching the artist put the tattoo on my forearm for the rest of my life got me emotional. That’s when I knew that my mom was gone but forever with me. The tattoo was angel wings with “Mom” in the middle and her dates on the side. It didn’t hurt getting it like actually I want another…lol. 



Football season ended and I became bored. So, I decided to apply for a job at Starbucks. Now, this was the start of everything changing. I was happy that I got a job and was starting to become an adult. I started my training as a barista during Thanksgiving break and it was super fun. The second day of my training was very eventful. I got into my car to leave and suddenly I was swamped with this sadness. I realized that I was growing up and my mom wasn’t here to see it. I was getting stressed because of the holidays and growing up. Learning new things was stressful but it was worth it for me. 



I’m stressed from work and school but I’m getting better. I’m accepting the fact that I’m growing up and I can’t change it. Everyone is proud of me for working so hard and that’s what keeps me going. I’m finding myself again and I want to see what 2023 has in store for me. Hopefully, sophomore year gets better. 


This was my year of 2022! I have learned a lot about myself in just a small amount of time but I’m proud of myself for keeping my head up. I know my mom is looking down on me smiling and laughing at me for dropping the coffee beans. No matter what I go through, I know I have a purpose and nobody can take that away from me. I was able to buy everyone gifts and I love that for myself. 



Santa is real but the Starbucks Secret Menu is not…Happy holidays!