True Meaning of Christmas

True Meaning of Christmas

Savannah Birch


Disclaimer: This article will contain religious content based on Christianity and my own beliefs. In no way I am telling anyone what to believe, this is for anyone who would like to read it. 


What’s your favorite holiday? Is it Christmas? Well, let me tell you what I think is the true meaning of Christmas. 


Who Is Jesus Christ? 

A young female virgin was chosen to conceive the Son Of God through the Holy Spirit. The child’s name was Jesus Christ! Jesus’s father was God but Saint Joseph took care of him with the mother Virgin Mary. As Jesus got older, he traveled around to spread His Father’s word. Jesus forgave people, helped people, and loved people. He grew a group of disciples to help him spread the word of God. People speculated if he was the Messiah or not but in the end, he wasn’t treated right. Well, I am not going to give all the details about His journey because that is not what this is particularly about but is about what Christmas is. On Good Friday, the Romans tortured Him and made Him carry a 400- pound Cross from the temple to a hill which was very far. Jesus Christ was then crucified on the Cross on Good Friday. 

To move forward, Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday morning (Easter). 


What Is Christmas?

Yes, of course, Santa brings the holiday spirit but that’s not what this day is about. Christmas is the day that Jesus Christ was born. December 25, is a special day for many people but it’s especially a special day for His followers. The Son of God was born on this day below the Northern Star shining onto him. It’s a tradition to go to Church on Christmas Eve night to praise the Holy Spirit.  


I hope you have wonderful holidays and enjoy the new year coming in! I am not trying to tell you what to believe in but I just wanted to share my beliefs about this special day.