Analyzing Chris Chan ~ Part One


Ayla Wize

This is no parody. This is a man’s life – his failures, his neuroses, his fantasies, his warped worldview, proudly displayed for the world on paper and pixels…There is no joy, no fun in CWCville – there is only layer upon layer of horror.” – From a now-deleted entry from the TV Tropes article.

Christine Weston Chandler, better known by the alias “Chris Chan” online, is widely known across internet forums, including Youtube, Reddit, 4Chan, Twitter, Spotify, and quite literally almost every social media platform to ever exist. Weston was born in Ruckersville, Virginia, on February 4th, 1982, to a Christian family; and as of writing this article, Weston is 40 years old. Weston would become the most documented person in the world through internet presence, namely when Weston created the webcomic “Sonichu”, which was brought to the bowels of 4Chan in 2007. As Weston will be referred to at times, Chris Chan would later go on to gain internet fame and operate online for over a decade. Within that decade the public saw Chris Chan unravel, losing any sense of remorse or human decency as time went on, each moment documented online. Despite the evidence that Chris was unraveling, nobody could imagine what the (now notorious) internet celebrity would do. In August of 2021, it came to the public attention that Chris Chan had been sexually abusing his Mother- who is speculated to have dementia. As of today, Chris Chan is in jail on both a rape and incest charge and is currently awaiting sentencing. This article series will be analyzing Chris Chan’s life, documenting the actions of a mentally unstable individual whose disturbing complex was fed into by the internet.

Early Beginnings.

As mentioned before, Chris Chan was born in the town of Ruckersville, Virginia- a small town that had no more than one thousand living people at the time of Chris Chan’s birth. Weston was born to parents Baraba Chandler and Robert “Bob” Chandler and had three half-siblings, Cole Smithery (brother), David Chandler (brother), and Carol Chandler (sister). The family itself was described as a “conservative Christian family” by outsiders, and an “abusive family” by all of the Chandler siblings.  Baraba Chandler was suspected to have a narcissistic personality disorder and is accused of mentally abusing the family by constantly threatening suicide anytime her children misbehaved. Robert Chandler was also known to be abusive to the family- but is considered to be a “better parent” than Barbara, mainly due to how Robert acted towards Weston later in life. 

It is reported that when Weston was eighteen months old, Weston was left in the care of an abusive babysitter, who is called “Roach”- who was deemed unfit to care for Weston, as per Cole Smithery’s claims. Allegedly, Roach would lock Weston in a room full of toys while babysitting; which according to various medical sources, can cause developmental delays in children (none of which are linked to Autism)1, and is referenced by Chris Chan in a youtube video. “I had a babysitter, but, uh, she was kind of [a] mean babysitter. Anyway, ah, one day she was on her phone and, uh, I came up t—I came up to her, I came up with her, and said something and, uh, she was kinda angry at me, ’cause I interrupted her phone call, AND she locked me in a room fulla noth—n—fulla nothing but toys, and, uh, she just locked me in there, and, uh, I was very lonely, so I just sat there and cried, and… uh that’s how my autism began. Thanks to an evil babysitter. While it is not medically backed by any means that Autism is connected to child abuse, it has instead been proven multiple times that isolating young children can lead to developmental delays2– and this likely aided in Weston’s mental issues later in life. 

Chris Chan was born with high-functioning autism, which was not noticed at first by Barbara and Robert. Several sources note that Chris’s first signs of autism were ignored due to his parent’s heavy drinking and neglect3. After the diagnosis, however, Barbara allegedly began to enable many of Chris’s tantrums- mainly through bribery and overindulging most of Chris’s desires. “While both of Chris’s parents are largely responsible for his current state, Barb has more often than not been the most active in protecting Chris from recognizing any failure or shortcoming on his part…”4 is what an anonymous commenter on The Chris Chan Conspiracy states. The consensus regarding Chris Chan’s supposed role models and guardians is that they have failed in their parental duties- especially when it came to protecting Weston.

Some people say that Chris Chan had no chance of becoming a functioning member of society, due to the abuse and neglect Weston suffered in the early years, which would later make way for further abuse when Weston became an adult. Others say that Weston was doomed to be the monster that they are and that nothing could have changed that. But one thing is for certain- Chris Chan is one of the most well-documented people in history, and it is with grim fascination that the internet had fueled and watched a person unraveling in real-time, and no matter what could have happened then, we must document what happened now.


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