All About PRE

All About PRE

Giuliana Carmosino

Can preworkout make you see rainbows?


If you are familiar with the fitness community, then I am sure you are no stranger to the supplement known as Preworkout or “Pre.” Preworkout has become almost as popular as protein stimulants as it is thought to enhance an individual’s training. It gives the body a “boost” in order to perform high-intensity workouts. Preworkout gives off needed energy for a workout as well as increases the blood flow of an individual for stamina purposes. While the benefits of this supplement are very self-explanatory and straightforward, many do not know about the risks of taking pre-workout, and how it could potentially affect your body. 

The Basics

Preworkout first stimulates the nervous system. It is a supplement that is a combination of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids as well as caffeine and sugar. Preworkout combines ingredients that give our bodies a boost of energy and help to pump oxygen to your muscles. Which then helps to develop the muscles for endurance while completing a physically demanding exercise. The most effective pre-workouts tend to have amino acids, especially BCAA’s that will boost muscle building while working out, reduce muscle soreness, and continue to facilitate muscle protein synthesis, even after your workout has been completed. Another amino acid that is crucial to be in pre-workouts is known as Citrulline. This amino acid increases blood flow to muscles, which boosts oxygen levels and carries extra nutrients to the muscles while performing a workout. One of the most important supplements in pre-workout that can enhance strength during workouts is creatine. Creatine increases the biochemical mechanisms that enhance energy in your body. Nitrate is also an important supplement in pre-workout that allows for there to be more amino acids and other nutrients to be carried to your muscles. The other main stumbling block for endurance is muscle fatigue from soreness. This is mostly caused by the buildup of acids in your muscles. To combat this, pre-workout includes a supplement known as beta-alanine. This chemical removes acids from your body and muscles. This allows you to push harder and longer throughout your workout.

The Side Effects 

Although pre-workouts can be seen as an amazing supplement that can potentially boost your overall workout, there are many side effects that not many people know. Preworkout can increase blood pressure and heart rate because of the stimulants that they contain. It can also cause dehydration because of the creatine that is in certain pre workouts. Jitters and anxiety are one of the most known side effects, as well as certain individuals becoming itchy. Stomach irritation, nausea, increased rate of developing kidney stones, muscle cramps, heat stroke, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating are just a handful of the ongoing list of side effects that can chrome from taking pre workout.

Although many people see pre-workouts as a magical supplement to increase strength and endurance, there are also so many side effects that can cause harm to many individuals who decide to take pre-workouts. Before taking a pre workout, make sure to read up on the certain brand, and ingredient list, as every preworkout can be different, and can potentially affect your body differently.