A Spooky Story For Halloween

A Spooky Story For Halloween

Kateryna Nykyforenko

A couple of things for you to know before I’ll start: the story happened a day after I came from Salem: the city where the original “Hocus-Pocus” happened. Although, in general I don’t really believe in ghosts, I don’t watch horror movies too frequently and I definitely am not involved in any practice of magic.


It was a peaceful autumn night. Red leaves were unhurriedly leaving their trees, dancing with the wind under sleepe street lights. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking my hot chocolate and watching them. Math homework under the cup was patiently waiting.

– It’s pretty late. Are you going to bed tonight?

– Yes, It’s the last problem. I’m almost done.

– Okay, just make sure you shut everything. 

– Do you mean to lock all the doors and turn the lamp off? – I got it. Good night!

– Good night

Soon I fell asleep and went to bed, checking if the house was all right.  


In about an hour, I heard a knock somewhere around. First, I thought that was my brother from the room above. Who knows what made him knock on the floor at 1 a.m. I certainly believe I could snore loudly or talk while sleeping. Anyway – I already stopped, so there was no reason to stay awake. 


But the knocking moved on – and I suddenly figured out that it was happening on my window. Who could come to the backyard at 1 a.m. and knock on the window? This is the unlucky fate of the only person who lives on the first floor. I started to remember whom I could give my address to. Do I have any lover boys who might come to me at night in order to play guitar or something like this? Well, in their case I would throw rocks, so it doesn’t really make sense. Do I have any friends who might need me at that time? But how do they know where I live – that’s a question. Should I open the curtains and look at who this stranger is? Finally, I decided that whoever it was – they will wait till morning. I didn’t really want to open the curtains and show that I’m here, present and awake. Honestly, I also didn’t want to see the thing. I’m one of those people who wonders why horror movies can’t just stay in their bed in warmth and safety.  


The knocking kept, but on the main door already. I made a decision: whatever it was I would get out of bed and… go see what was going on.


The warm light of a torch made me feel like there was a fire somewhere. What if our neighbor’s house is burning and somebody just tried to ask for help? This person definitely insisted on their goal. The knocking became louder and harsher. 


While I was hurriedly walking across a room, I heard the sound of the garage door. Here my heart flew somewhere to my toes. My friend just told me a story about car thieves in the town. It happened about ten years ago, but anyway. I was certainly sure that somebody was stealing my family’s cars. I was completely ready to jump out just in my pajama pants and to start yelling or even fighting if it would be necessary. Something stopped for a while. “Well, we are in the U.S., brother. What if they have a gun? How many people were there, anyway?” My imagination pictured an impressive scene of two or three big tattooed men in black bandanas, rudely trying to open the car’s door.  


The only weird thing was that my dog didn’t bark or anything. Anyway, I had no choice. If I became a foolish horror-movie character in the very beginning when they accidentally wake up evil or meet their first zombie friend, it would be a dream. Finally, I collected all the leftovers of my bravery, grabbed a flashlight, and opened the door.


Those tired brown eyes were looking at me like a kitten does if you lock it out. 

My dear older sister stood right there in her marshmallow pink sweatshirt, completely ready to give up. She spent half an hour trying to get in the house.

–  Boo bro

– We should buy a blanket for your car.

– We should. It’s chilly there.

– Sorry for this. I didn’t know you were not at home.

– Sorry for knocking in your window

– Oh, you are fine. I’ll try to be braver next time.

What is the conclusion of the story? I don’t know. At least, I can mention that it probably would be better for me not to listen to Crime Junkie so much. Obviously, things could be worse. I’m happy there were no ghosts with sudden insomnia or witches, willing to do revenge. I’m also happy my sister didn’t freeze because of sleeping outside and that nobody really wanted to do harm to my family. 


Happy Halloween!