Olivia Wilde is Wildly Over-hated

Olivia Wilde is Wildly Over-hated

Sammy Saiki

 (Jamie McCarthy; Gallery Stock)

Olivia Wilde. Director, Actress, Producer, Mother, and Girlfriend. So why is it that out of all of these positions she has filled, that she is only recognized as a “girlfriend”? I’ll tell you why; misogyny. 

Wilde has received a huge amount of media attention, since around a year and a half ago, but not for any of her accomplishments, for dating Harry Styles. Ah yes, a tale as old as time, the heartthrob and “his” lady friend. 

Let me preface this by saying that some of the statements Wilde has made, should be called out. I am in no way making excuses on her behalf nor am I justifying any wrongful actions. She should, as should all people, be notified if what they put out to the world is offensive, rude, or has any other negative associations. In addition to this, I recognize that she comes from an already wealthy family and I am really not sure how hard she worked to get into her position. However, Olivia Wilde is bashed for basically doing anything at this point.

Listen, I get it. Harry Styles is an attractive man, there is no doubt about that, in my opinion. But at this point, I have come to terms with the fact that I will probably never marry him, I mean I am 18. So, when people post on social media about hating  Wilde, I view it as a direct homage to their personal insecurities and sorrow about the 28 year old singer’s and 38 year old director’s relationship (again, there are some other valid reasons).

Before Styles, Wilde was praised beyond belief for her work on movies like Booksmart and Cowboys and Aliens. Not until the pair started down the romantic path did the media begin to absolutely hate her. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but Harry Styles is the other half of this relationship, no? If the world is so angry at their love, why is Wilde the only one facing the consequences? Because she is a woman, a successful and achieved woman who he has taken a particular liking into. In order for toxic fans to feel better about themselves, they must come up with reasons to diminish Wilde. In addition to this, only coming at the woman in the relationship highlights the hierarchical status that men hold in society, that they can’t do wrong. Especially for white and famous men, like Styles.

In addition to this, the wrongful statements that Wilde has made in the past, were highlighted only after the two started dating. Yes, you heard that right, people didn’t call her out until she had some sort of connection with one of the current world’s darling dreamboats. Most of those who pointed them out, purely wanted to ruin their relationship, not actually induce consequences or change in the world.

Ultimately, my point is that justification for disliking Olivia Wilde should be based on actual reasons. Like her blatant ignorance or just something that ends up being offensive and hurtful to specific groups of people. Not for dating a man who millions of teenagers (who are the instigators of this hate) have literally zero real interaction with. Perhaps the internet, and society, should focus on more important things than some dumb relationship that the entire world’s human population (minus two people) have nothing to do with.