Broncos Go For Bank


Nadiya Romo

Bradley Chubb played his last game as a Denver Bronco 


Linebacker Bradley Chubb was traded to the Miami Dolphins on November 2, 2022. This trade sparked a lot of attention from fans and other players from the NFL. Let’s take a look.


Prior to this trade, there were rumors that Chubb would be traded, but it wasn’t official until November 2. The final trade agreement was sending Chubb to Miami and a fifth round pick in 2025 in exchange for a first round pick in 2023, a fourth round pick in 2024, and running back Chase Edmonds. Chubb signed a 5 year worth $119 million but $63.2 million guaranteed contract with Miami. The Dolphins sought out to sign Chubb in hopes to strengthen their defensive line. However, the recent trade sparked some controversy in the NFL. 


Ex Bronco, Von Miller spoke out after the news of the trade broke. He told the media, “He looked way better than I looked because when I got traded last year, I was crying and could barely talk, He was in good spirits. I spent 11-1/2 years (in Denver) and he spent 4-1/2 (years) there. It just refreshes you when you get out of a tough situation like that and go to a winning team that needs you to win right now. It just recharges you and I’m sure Chubb is feeling that same way.” 


The Broncos put all their eggs in one basket in order to get Russel Wilson. The 3-5 Broncos were scrambling to bring changes to their disappointing season. As a result, they traded Bradley Chubb in order to get a first round pick for the upcoming 2023 draft. Will this be what the Broncos need to turn their team around? 


By trading Chubb, the Broncos admit that they aren’t close to winning another title. Was this trade an effort to regain their groundings after drafting Russel Wilson? Stay tuned for more updates as the Broncos season progresses. Go Broncos!