DECA Invitationals at DU

DECA Invitationals at DU

Rosie Garcia

Horizon DECA headed to DU Invitationals and did a good job representing Horizon!

As we reach the end of October, we now enter the start of DECA competitions. Horizon High School participates in DU and CSU Invitationals, Districts, State, and if qualified, to ICDC. ICDC is a International Career Development Conference where 19,000 high schools compete on the National level. The start of competition season means a lot of dedicated hard work from students in order to get ready for roleplays. Roleplays are case studies developed through industry research to reflect current issues and trends within a business or industry. Students connect their skills to performance indicators and then present their ideas to a judge.  

Practice Makes Perfect

Horizon Deca hosts a variety of practice sessions to run through what a real competition looks like. The Deca Officers act as judges and give each student a roleplay to present. They get a total of 10 minutes for an individual and 30 minutes for a team roleplay. Once they present, “judges” give them feedback and ask a variety of questions to get them more prepared. The score sheet is out of 100 points and there are 5 categories for both the performance indicators and 21-century skills (presentation skills). These 5 categories vary based on the event that you choose but they involve requirements related to the business presentation.Overall, practice sessions have helped Horizon students place really well in competitions!


Socials and Team Bonding 

Even though competitions are usually an individual or partner event, socials are created to help DECA become a family and get amped up for the year. There are 3-4 socials every year in which many fun activities are displayed and you’re able to have fun as a chapter.  Horizon Deca has hosted a Bake Off in the culinary classrooms, pumpkin painting, and a field day for all its members. Competitions can be a little nerve-wracking for some students, so this a really good way to not only motivate them, but to teach them that no matter what happens everyone is proud of each other. 


First Competition of the Season: 

Horizon DECA went on their first competition of the year on Friday, October, 18th. It took place at the University of Denver and students were recognized for their hard work by receiving awards and trophies. 


Congratulations to the following students recognized at DU: 

Samariah – 3rd place 

Felix – Top 5

Victor – Top 5

Nahuel – Top 5

Lasangika – Top 5

Jack + Seth – Top 5

In the end, students were able to get a feel into what real world business presentations look like and learn hands-on skills. It was a great experience for them and they can’t wait for many more competitions!