A Horizon Halloween

Spooky Season is back at HHS

Erika Lewis


Reese Hudson (9), Mason Sibayan (9) (Norah Little)

After several years of not allowing costumes at Horizon this year’s Halloween finally broke that trend.

Justin Stevenson (9), Rylon Karraker (9) (Norah Little)

Throughout the school there were so many students and teachers dressed in amazing and creative costumes.


It was amazing to see all of the Halloween spirit that was brought into the schools with the costumes.

Kateryna Nykyforenk (11), Ayla Wize (11), Juliann French (12)
Kateryna Nykyforenk (11), Ayla Wize (11), Juliann French (12) Erika Lewis


There were people who dressed with a group and those who dressed individually but no matter what everyone looked great!


Onkaar Sandhu (9) (Norah Little)

Hopefully this is a start of a new Horizon tradition and next year we’ll get to see just as many amazing costumes.

Macey Biggins (10), Olivia Andrade (10) (Norah Little)