Who are exchange students and how does it work?

Who are exchange students and how does it work?

Kateryna Nykyforenko

Well, funny thing – I am one! Such big luck I’m here ready to tell you about this in all details (certainly, if you don’t mind)

Some people know, some people do not – almost every year Horizon High School has 4-5 exchange students: students who came from another country (usually alone) to spend a year in the U.S. with their American host family and to experience all parts of the life there just like American teenagers do.                 

About a year ago I was washing dishes after dinner and just thought how cool it would be to tell someone abroad about my life, my country, culture, etc. Probably I even started to make a plan of speech or something… I didn’t know I’ll go somewhere or anything, it was just for fun.  Obviously, this long exciting story was completely forgotten. Seems like I need to rewrite it. Never mind. Let’s just start doing this right now.

My name is Kate, I’m a junior and I’m from Ukraine. This is an amazing country in the center of Europe. Yes, you probably have already heard about it in the news or advertisements” We have a war. It’s awful. In particular, that’s why I’m here. 

This chapter of my life began in October 2021 when I applied to my exchange program. It’s called FLEX, which means Future Leaders Exchange. Here is a photo with my team. I’m holding the flag on the right side!

This is a scholarship program for active young people from Europe and Asia, that was created in order to ensure understanding between their countries and the U.S. Our actual goals are to learn about the U.S, to teach Americans about our own country and to gain leadership skills. I really believe that it works. I believe that my experience here will allow me to improve my country and help it. I’m really happy I have this opportunity to talk, to write, to cry about Ukraine. If you are reading this – thank you! Thank you very much.

 If you already have any questions or something – ask me, please!

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To be continued!