A Cure Worth Fighting For

A Cure Worth Fighting For

Rosie Garcia

The month of October is dedicated to National Breast Cancer Awareness. It is a way to support those who have dealt with it or for people who have/had loved ones in this situation. 


Background Info: 

Breast Cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control. It is one of the most common types of cancer for women in the United States and it is the second leading cause of cancer death among these women. Each year there are about 264,000 cases in the U.S and about 42,000 women are diagnosed with this fatal disease. The good news is that there are over three million breast cancer survivors and hope is still in the present. 

Our Impact: 

On Friday, September 30th, Horizon High School had a pink-out football game in which they showed their support and brought awareness. The student section was filled with people decked out in all pink and Horizon’s Cheerleaders made sure to be involved as well. This was a really good way to start the month and bring our community closer together. 


Our Community: 

Varsity Cheer’s Head Coach, Samantha Lemon, made this game day even more personal and memorable to those around her. With her mom being diagnosed with breast cancer, this was truly a sentimental and emotional game. It’s important to recognize that life throws the hardest things at us very unexpectedly. We tend to go through life not knowing what people go through and it’s difficult finding that light of hope. Sam is a very strong, kind, dedicated, and fun coach and through her radiant and positive self she is able to fight this journey for her mom.  


Interview with Coach Sam: 


What age were you when you found out and what did you feel/what was your reaction? 

– “I was 26 years old when my mom found out about her diagnosis. My first reaction was that I just cried and I was worried. When you hear the ugly word cancer, it’s always just gut wrenching.”


What are some of the biggest obstacles (dealing with a loved one having cancer) and how are you overcoming them? 

–  “The big obstacles were trying to maintain a positive attitude without showing worry. The financial struggles she indulged because insurance only covered so much. We just stuck together as a family and stepped up to help where she would need it.”


What/who is giving you hope and courage? 

– “I think our hope comes straight from her. She is strong willed and is always positive about the outcome even if it’s not what she wants to hear. I think having a strong family/friend base behind her and us all really helped as well.”


What are some words you wish to tell this person? 

– “I wish to tell my mom to keep fighting, Keep pushing and keep shining! We all stand with her because together we fight! I love you mom!”