Struggles of Having a Peanut Allergies During The Halloween Season

Struggles of Having a Peanut Allergies During The Halloween Season

Sammy Saiki

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays in my personal and very valuable opinion. So why is it that it sucks so bad every year? What’s up dawg my name is Sammy and I suffer on the daily from an intense peanut allergy. 

Costumes, cauldrons, and candy, make up three words that start with the letter “c.” I suppose you could also say that they all pertain to the famous last day of October, Halloween. In my experience of being the average anklebiter, candy is definitely the most important of the three terms. Going door to door annoyingly yet harmonically, singing the phrase “trick or treat” was an adventure on its own, but coming home with a pillowcase full of treats, sweets, and the occasional toothbrush was where the real money was at. 

Every year I would dump my bag on the basement floor with my older sister and cousins to a vast variety of scrumptious candies. Yet, I knew that every year would result in the same disappointment, I couldn’t even chomp on half of it! A large amount of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (obviously), M&Ms, and Paydays taunted me. Consistently covered in or filled with the legume grown snack, I feared even making eye contact with the pieces that surrounded them, leaving my gremlin self with little to work with.  

I recognize that complaining about having a peanut allergy during Halloween is an embarrassingly miniscule problem. There are much more significant issues simultaneously running throughout the world that, now that I have had the chance to mature and grow, I recognize that they are what I should focus my time on. Like donating old costumes, volunteering for a trunk or treat, or really anything to make the holiday as amazing as it is meant to be for other kids. After all, Halloween is all about having fun!