Let’s Make Some Halloween Treats

Lets Make Some Halloween Treats

Giuliana Carmosino

Some fun and delicious halloween treats 


With the holidays coming up, that also means that fun themed treats are on their way! Do

do you want to stand out at any halloween parties this year, and make sure that you get an invite next year? If so, then follow along to see some of the cutest treats, both savory and sweet that have a fun spooky twist to them. 

A Sweet Treat

You can never go wrong with a sweet treat at any holiday event. Take a look at two of the best and easiest treats to make this season. These spooky banana mummies will be the hit of any Halloween party treat table. It is a fun mix of a healthy treat with a chocolate twist. You can dress up these banana pops in so many different ways and you can customize them to fit in at any Halloween event this upcoming season. Another sweet treat that can be a hit, are these easy-to-make white chocolate-covered pretzel web, with malt-ball spider toppings. Along with being a tasty easy-to-go treat, this chocolate web is very simple to make, which makes it perfect for any last minute treat needs.

A Savory Treat

If you don’t have much of  a sweet tooth, then continue reading to see two of the most creative savory treats that you can make this upcoming season, that is sure to spook any guests. First up we have mummies in a blanket (pigs in a blanket). This is a perfect appetizer, finger food that is sure to be a fan favorite. Needing something a little fancier? If so, try out these Halloween Jack Skellington Ricotta Olive Tarts. These tarts are perfect for any party and any guests with a more sophisticated pallet. These treats are also easily customizable with decorations that you can add on top. 

All four of these treats, both sweet and savory, are the perfect treats to bring to any get together, no matter how big or small, and are sure to be the next big hint and will have all of  your friends asking for the super easy recipes.