How Basketball Players Get Ready For Pre-season

How Basketball Players Get Ready For Pre-season

Anahy Tena

  Picture Credits: (Making the Most of your Pre-season training)


                               Why is pre-season important? 

You might be wondering why pre-season is essential, it’s important because it allows your body to heal, will enable you to get stronger/faster as well as helps improve your basketball skills. Pre-season prepares and helps get your body ready for when the season starts. Pre-season is the time to make mistakes and learn from them as well as improve your overall  performance. 


                 What Basketball players do to get ready for the season – 

In order for athletes to perform to their best ability, they need pre-season. I myself prepare myself for the actual season by strength training, conditioning, nutrition, and rest. All of these aspects play a huge role in your development and how the actual season will go for you. 


How are these aspects important? 

Starting with strength training, it is important for athletes to do strength training during pre-season. It not only makes you stronger but it overall helps your health. It also increases muscle mass as well as helps with injury prevention. Although conditioning may be tough it is necessary. It makes you faster, supports your muscles, reduces stress, and also helps with injury prevention. Nutrition and rest are key, especially rest, your body needs breaks and time to heal itself and that happens when you allow yourself to rest. Maintaining healthy balanced meals is essential because eating healthy will help with your overall performance, food is fuel and hydration is key. 



Overall, pre-season is very important and allows you to train to the best ability before the season starts.  It also prepares you for the season. This is the reason why many athletes are proficient when the season starts.