Hoco 2022: Behind The Dance

Hoco 2022: Behind The Dance

Sammy Saiki

The entire student government class poses for a photo after completing setup. (Malorie Boyes)


     Saturday, September 24, marks the date of Horizon High School’s 2022 Homecoming. The event was spectacular, filled to the brim with colorful decor and enthusiastic students. Yes, Homecoming this year was very fun, but was it fun to set up? No, no it was not. I am a member of the student government and for me, the day was filled with stress, chaos, and confusion.

The class prepares to hang the tule from the ceiling (Sammy Saiki)

Look, I’m not complaining, I love being in our very own student government. With that being said the set up is totally atrocious. In total, our group, plus 4 extra volunteers, spent around 7 hours on the event’s construction. Establishing a 9 foot carnival sign, a 11 foot cardboard ferris wheel, and covering all 10 foot walls with black paper to match the aesthetic of the night. In addition to this, the gang all arrived at 6:00 A.M,  exhausted from the week’s previous activities, yet entirely ready to take on the new day. We finished around 2:00 p.m. feeling accomplished and drained.

We completed the lobby with the draping of tule, the huge ferris wheel (which did actually spin by the way), and various other small but important details, including a cardboard cutout of Mr.Detlefsen accessorized with a clown wig. Next up, the student center dazzled with the 360 camera attraction, carnival themed tablecloths, and to top it off a red, blue, and yellow balloon arch waiting for students’ entry and exit ventures. Now for the most daunting task, the hallway. The hallway featured soft simmering fairy lights hanging from the tule stapled to the ceiling, fully black walls, and multiple attraction posters such as “The World’s Strongest Man”. 

The finished look. (Allie Snodderly) 

Was it draining? Yes. Did we love it? No. But we did it, and I hate to pat myself on the back, but we did it well. Our group of 20 worked incredibly hard on not just the setup of the dance but the assembly, tailgate, powderpuff, and all the other events surrounding spirit week. So next time you’re at a school dance, take a second to think about how much work went into it, I know we would all greatly appreciate it.