Denver Broncos First Game (And First Loss)


Nadiya Romo

Wide receiver Jerry Juedy continues to prove himself as an asset to this Broncos offense


September 12, 2022 was the kick off to the regular season for the Denver Broncos. Fans have been anxiously waiting to see how the new quarterback Russel Wilson plays with the Denver team. Wilson’s 10 seasons as the Seahawks quarterback came to an end when he was traded to the Denver Broncos this past year. The Seahawks received Noah Fant (TE) and Shelby Harris (DE). Additionally, they received 1st, 2nd, and 5th round picks for 2022 and 1st and 2nd round picks for 2023. With so much on the table, all eyes have been on Russel Wilson as he makes his way to Denver.  


Russel Wilson returns to Seattle but this time as a Denver Bronco. Mixed emotions flooded the crowd as the Broncos ran onto the field. Unfortunately, the final score was 17-16 Seahawks. The Broncos fell to a devastating loss in week one of the 2022-2023 regular season. 


During the first quarter, Seattle scored a touchdown which put them on the scoreboard first. Following the touchdown, Broncos field goal kicker Brandon McManus made a 30 yard field goal. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 7-3. In the second quarter, Seattle made a 49 yard field goal and a 25 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Geno Smith. Not backing down, the Broncos came back by scoring a 67 yard touchdown pass and a 40 yard field goal. The score 17-13. Seattle was still ahead. 


It came down to the fourth quarter. Brandon McManus made a 26 yard field goal making it a one point game. However, the Broncos were unable to beat the Seahawks. 


Denver fans began questioning the play calls from new head coach Nathaniel Hackett. This game certainly wasn’t a pretty one. There were struggles with timing regarding the play clock and the decisions made by Hackett. On the other hand, it is only week 1 so we will have to see how the Broncos progress as the season continues. Go Broncos!